12-09-2014, 07:32 PM
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Select version strongly preferred, but let's still talk if you've got the Classic.

I'm happy to buy, trade or some come up with some combo thereof. I've got lots of partial soaps that could be combined depending on how much of the CRSW tin/tub is left. Partials are a nice way to try out more soaps / creams, or if you're like me and just so you can juggle a larger number of options per $.
* ed 50%-ers were purchased with a shave buddy who took his portion with an ice cream scoop and sent me the rest in the original container.

Castle Forbes Lavender Essential Oil Shave Cream 50% plus (Very high quality lather, I've just moved on to other scents).
Strop Shoppe Date Night Special Edition 50% (never used) *
Catie's Bubbles in Knee High to a Grape 50% (never used) *
Cella 50% used x1 *
Mike's Natural Soaps Bay Rum 30%
Institut Karite Savon a Barbe Extra Doux used x3 **
Beer Soap Brewing Co. Creme de Menthe 35%
Mitchel's Wool Fat used x2 with original box
Colonel Conk Almond New
Proraso Red 95%
Speick Stick used x2

** Institut Karite will ship in plastic container with original label rather than the the glass container it comes in.

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