12-11-2014, 03:58 PM
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Hi Guys:

Here is a really special brush: It's a Somerset (pre-Vulfix) Simpson PL10 Polo in Best.

Specs: Knot size: 28mm, Loft 56mm, handle height: 70mm.

This brush is so soft that I can't imagine how a "Super" could have been any softer. It has good density and is not floppy at all.

Note: It will shed a hair from time to time, but it's not really a "shedder" at all. I'd call it "a vintage brush that is starting to feel its age".

Also, the Simpson name is not printed on the handle. The brush was made by Simpsons for the John Bull brand and the handle reads "John Bull - London" on one side and "PL10, Best Badger, Made in England, Sterilized" on the other.

The price, with free US shipping, is $225. I will ship internationally at the actual shipping cost.

[Image: F3srHlj.jpg][Image: or4MbQF.jpg][Image: zho2Qnw.jpg]

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