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Clearing out a few items that are not getting used. PayPal only please. All prices include domestic shipping via USPS Priority. Canada and outside the US may cost a wee bit more...

First up..

Bob's Razor Works, Black Badger brush ** SOLD **
BRW, CoonCat Bob, Bob's Razor works. Bob was a pleasure to work with and a real asset to our community. This is a BRW Black Badger shave brush. Overall length is just over 6". Knot is 23mm, set at about 55mm. Not sure what wood it. $35 shipped
[Image: i-GbKGkgk-L.jpg]

Feather Artist Club SS $70 ** TRADED **
No introduction needed. Pretty much as new. Will come with a partially full dispenser of blades.. either Feather Pro or Kai Milds. $70 shipped
[Image: i-WhZRzmj-L.jpg]

[Image: i-FWd5BKJ-L.jpg]

Eisenbart StahlwarenFabrik $50 ** SOLD **
Sweet 13/16" Quarter hollow round point. Faux ivory scales with black wedge. Shows little to no spine wear. Etching is clear and sharp. Pins are tight and closes dead center. Hones on Shapton Glass & finished on Apache Strata. $50
[Image: i-vfwgXst-L.jpg]

[Image: i-CxvTq6q-L.jpg]

[Image: i-vZBftfk-L.jpg]

Shumate $45
5/8" round point with covered tang. Quarter to full hollow. Little to no spine wear. A few spots across front and back of the blade but none interfere with the edge. Front side of the tang covering is split but stable. Scales are marble acrylic with a black wedge. Closes on center and pins are tight. Honed on Shapton Glass & finished on Apache Strata. Great starter blade! $45
[Image: i-LnJRcbF-L.jpg]

[Image: i-DSMJFww-L.jpg]

[Image: i-fcTSjWd-L.jpg]

W.R. Case & Sons - Bulls Eye $45
Another nice starter razor. Just shy of 11/16" round point Quarter to Full hollow. Faux ivory scales with finished end caps. Closes on center and is a wee bit loose. Shows some water spots and marks but no active rust or damage. The front side scale is missing the bulls eye inlay. Honed on Norton, finished on Arkansas Surgical Black. $45
[Image: i-RPZ7fGG-L.jpg]

[Image: i-pBxPTBD-L.jpg]

[Image: i-p6X4gRF-L.jpg]

EVERITE Lifetime Safety Straight Razor
I have four of these.. actually, I have about a dozen. These were purchased over a decade ago from a collector. As far as I know, all are NOS. Never honed. These are similar to the Rolls Razor, though not as over-engineered. The razor is housed in a plastic box with a strop and hone incorporated in it's base. The razor head is 13/16" quarter hollow, 1 3/8" long. A knurled handle is threaded into the side of the blade head when used in the straight razor configuration. Or, the handle can be screwed into the bottom of the blade for use as a safety razor, Rolls Razor style. There is a removable safety bar. The blade can be stropped & honed with the included components. All four come with the razor handle, hone & strop housed in the plastic case plus instructions and original packing box. All have some level of marking on the blades which appears to be easily removed and #2 has some pitting and rust. All of the strops are in good condition considering their age and will require some moisturizing. All the hones are in order and none are cracked. A few still show the original manufacturing makers marks. Razor #2 is a bit worn and is priced accordingly..

Razor #1, $50 ** SOLD **
Razor #2, $35 ** SOLD **
Razor #3, $50 ** SOLD **
Razor #4, $50

[Image: i-nPvgvj9-L.jpg]

[Image: i-dFgzWj8-L.jpg]

[Image: i-3pFbsfz-L.jpg]

[Image: i-Jxhr9gK-L.jpg]

[Image: i-4LKJdWd-L.jpg]

[Image: i-WRD2PBm-L.jpg]

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I'll take the BRW brush.

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