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SOLD Tonight I'm offering a very special brush. This is a vintage Kent C8 handle, which is a very interesting material, I think celluloid. It has become a lovely butterscotch with age, and the material has this very nice grain to it. In full disclosure, fellow forum member Texquill left this brush at one of our Austin area meetups as a freebie. The original knot looked like the head of a Capuchin monk. I sent the handle to Rudy Vey for a new knot and a little refurb, and I think he did a beautiful job. The original knot was replaced with a TGN (The Golden Nib) 2-band Finest 24mm knot set at a loft of 50mm. The knot has a fan shape, super soft tips, and excellent backbone. I like to refer to the handle as an "Emperor 4," as it is a little taller and a little wider than the Emperor 3. The rim around the middle of the handle makes a perfect perch for my fingers, and I find it to be very ergonomic. The knot has not lost a single hair. I must be crazy to sell this brush, but I'm making a serious effort to downsize. I am asking what I put into it, $80. SOLD Payment via Paypal, shipping in the US included in the price.

[Image: C81.jpg]

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