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Prices include shipping in CONUS.
Elsewhere at cost.
PayPal only.
Please no PM sent notices in thread just PM me and in order they are received. May take awhile to get back to folks.

Leresche 77 with case which needs some restoration. The case is structurally sound. Razor has some brassing. Just not for me in the shave department. $260.00 About what I paid for it..........................Traded
[Image: b7S3aQH.jpg]
[Image: 89gseH2.jpg]
[Image: PtGHcjn.jpg]

Ikon twist slant head....non-DLC. New, unused. $90.00 SPF
[Image: XYK4FTf.jpg]

Ikon Tuckaway SS travel handle. New. $20.00 SOLD
[Image: FaAfs9J.jpg]

European Open Comb razor. Unmarked as to manufacturer, between Fatip and Parker 26C in effectiveness and aggression. A very comfortable and nice shave. Has a unique, heavy brass handle. Assume the head is brass as well. Includes a damaged but usable Gillette Bakelite box and a second OC razor with a comfortable unique handle as a gift with purchase. $30.00. SOLD
[Image: 3j7wlOS.jpg]
[Image: EgEGf0I.jpg]

Gillette fine condition leather travel case with two very nice condition chrome/nickel soap stick containers and a thin Gillette Tech handle. All that's needed to complete the set is a Tech razor head. $20.00 SOLD
[Image: OLE90p4.jpg]
[Image: bReMqAf.jpg]

3 brushes....A Vie Long Horsehair brush. Great handle.(left) $25.00 A vintage Bakelite handle best badger brush.(right) $15.00 and a Grooming Co. synthetic knot brush, like the Plisson in a plastic black and white handle. $25.00 Grooming Co brush SPF. Surprise gift with purchase with all 3 brushes.
[Image: uznIpxY.jpg]
[Image: cVok6GO.jpg]

Razorock Stealth slant razor stand in black aluminum. New, unused. $10.00 SOLD

Gillette large brass "New" type handle.(not head) Great condition. No dings. Pair with your New Long or Short comb head. $15.00 SOLD
[Image: G4iGKrW.jpg]

Custom Dirty Bird 1.5 Scuttle. Why wait 4 to 6 weeks? Celadon Green which was a custom color. Web bowl bottom to help with lather. I'm just not using it as much as face lathering these days. Perfect condition. No chips, dings or marks. $55.00 SOLD
[Image: sfTrhqy.jpg]

SOLD Myrsol Emulsion after shave balm. 95%. $18.00 This is normally $32.00 SOLD
[Image: Z1BZKTT.jpg]

The next five items are antique cufflinks. They are either 10K, 14K or 18K gold with carvings or stones. If you wear French Cuff shirts this is a great way to go versus modern links. These are all made in the 1930s or earlier and "dress" up a shirt. I collected them while wearing them at work and at one time had a 150 pair. They are unique. Returnable if you don't like them as they are hard to appreciate electronically. I am sure you would be pleased.

#5 14K gold scenic sailboats. Light weight but large enough to make impact. $35.00
[Image: p4NTRYJ.jpg]

#6 14K gold art deco lion heads. Have never seen animal heads done this well on men's jewelry. They are heavy for what they are. 10 grams MJC are the initials or any combination there of. Uncles, relatives etc. $160.00
[Image: RIduPe2.jpg]

#23 18K gold circa 1890's. Heavy. 8 grams. Intricate carving. Jeweler signed. $150.00
[Image: rrMKSW8.jpg]

#28 14K gold green soapstone carved Scarab's. Egyptian revival period. $100
[Image: QUcx4lJ.jpg]

#42 10K gold football back type link. Green stone. $50
[Image: 50iOjiD.jpg]

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.....the cuff links are fantastic!

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Nice #77! These don't come up for sale too often, let alone with a case. Great offerings!

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