12-14-2014, 02:28 PM
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I have for sale this 2 razors. I've clean then up and disinfected.

They're both in very good condition, as seen on the photos below. The've got some normal use marks, after all they've got some years Smile

The price includes shipping for EU and CONUS, and fees.

OLD TYPE - $35

[Image: 2fde1096-d2c0-4f24-95d6-400b9845f5c7_zps62709806.jpg]
[Image: 85165226-3f31-4e66-8afe-5c23f5578296_zpsf61d4e6f.jpg]
[Image: 6a833d2c-a2c0-4194-a43b-969709ba86f7_zpsb19475cc.jpg]

TECH - $35 (SOLD)

[Image: 06152ae3-f8cd-4b3d-959d-6abe9d350d2c_zps2ccff925.jpg]
[Image: ede11d00-ff36-4585-a575-0a733ca8502f_zpsc7db9139.jpg]

This is my 1st sale so if anything is wrong let me know.

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 01-05-2015, 01:55 PM
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Both razors sold. Thread can be archived.


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