12-16-2014, 01:07 AM
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For $45 shipping reasons I only sell this in a set.

Vie Long (Orange) Butterscotch Beehive 3- Band Silvertip EXTRA FILLED 54 mm loft and 26 mm knot. Used 6 times. No hair shed. Perfect condition. SPECIAL limited ORDER FROM Phil at Bullgoose.

Mühle R89 Twist. Brand new. Never used.

Bolin Webb Argent Black Fusion razor. Never used. Brand new.

DR HARRIS Windsor 100 gram shaving soap in black wooden bowl. Triple milled great soap. Brand new. Never used.

Mondial Zagara shaving cream 75 gram in black pot. Never used. Brand new.

Selection of great DE blades:

10 Gillette Super Platinum 7 O'Clock Blue (now discontinued great blade)
10 Gillette Silver Blue
10 Feather HI Stainless
10 Polsilver Super Iridium

Price: $175 shipped WORLDWIDE

[Image: 295775d57a8edf7246f42fe81c64b420.jpg]
[Image: 53226877810befe0cf1c0dcff9b5cdca.jpg]
[Image: 1a88e449b24578e20a77bbb5510ffa3f.jpg]
[Image: ff64f7341681a2edfef87181fb23af03.jpg]
[Image: 13a5302aee69b6a22adf385d47f7e7db.jpg]
[Image: f635ed73cfb7544e3d83117e237a3205.jpg]
[Image: f6691753662c86853e63df7c7950d5da.jpg]

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Another great package deal. Thumbup

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 12-16-2014, 09:16 AM
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Sold. Please archive.

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