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Looking to clear up some space. This is everything you need to get started. Set up includes

Gillette New LC- user grade, straight teeth. Has the typical cracks in the handle. My favorite razor. (Don't worry I have more than one)

Edwin Jagger black badger brush. Has some scratches in the handle from being placed in stand. Very difficult to capture in photos. Not a shedder. Great intro to badgers.

Fine American Blend AS splash. Never used. I opened the bottle, took a whiff, and the scent is not for me.

HTGAM Gondolier soap. 8oz. size. I would say at least 80% remaining. Great soap. Only including it because you can't sell a kit without a soap.

10 Astra blades

Brush and razor Stand

$65 shipped CONUS

Always willing to trade.Biggrin

[Image: yP2ObeP.jpg]

[Image: C3Ij7os.jpg]

[Image: 50sp58I.jpg]

[Image: 6cF5ElJ.jpg]

[Image: Qxl7CVM.jpg]

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