12-21-2014, 12:20 PM
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We are offering three of the handles we have in stock at a discount. This offer is only good until Christmas.

Diamond Pattern Round. 1/2" round; 3.5" long. 2.67 oz [Made 11/2/14] Original Price - $100; Clearance price - $75
[Image: KD2P9Xq.jpg][Image: 2CEt4S8.jpg]

Polished Hex Convertible Handle with Adapter. 1/2" hex; 3" long w/o adapter; 3.5" long w/ adapter. This handle comes with an adapter so that it can be used with a King Cobra or a standard DE (or Mongoose) razor. [Made 10/27/14] Original Price - $150; Clearance Price - $125.
[Image: d0ZYCqU.jpg][Image: 75cQYMz.jpg]

Polished Wavy Hex. 1/2" hex; 3.78" long. 3.1oz. [Made 11/20/14]. Original Price - $100; Clearance Price - $75 - SOLD
[Image: pQSVFMP.jpg][Image: zpGWnpK.jpg][Image: drCdNrV.jpg][Image: 7x0E9Xm.jpg]

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 12-23-2014, 08:35 PM
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The Polished Wavy Hex handle has sold. The Diamond Pattern Round and the Convertible Polished Hex are still available. They are both gorgeous handles. If you have a King Cobra razor, you can't beat this deal for a custom handle that will also work with DE razors. $25 off until 11:59pm CST tomorrow (12/24).

Have a Merry Christmas!!!

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