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[Image: P1240260.JPG?m=1338520326]

I would like to first say,that If you havent read anything about this brush,go and have a look to GDCarrington brilliant post about it here.

Sometimes big things doesnt means better,and sometimes they are better.This is the case of the new Muhle Silvertip Fibres shaving brush,the XL.

This brush has the following measures :
  • 25mm knot
  • 63 mm loft
  • 114 mm total height.

which makes the brush a big one on the "medium' size.

[Image: P1240261.JPG?m=1338520331]

This brush is really well made,as the other Muhle silvertip and Black Fibre shaving brushes that I already own.I do like its weight and balance,since this is like a "Chuby/Stubby" brush of the synthetic herds.

If you already know my likes,you know that Im a die hard face latherer,mainly with hard soaps and sticks and also that I do like brushes under 23 mm of knot and less than 53 mm of loft.Well,this brush is gonna be the exception to my "rules" when I do pick up a brush,since it has everything what I like : not a big bloom while its working (wet) and also a good backbone with excellent flow,something that not many badger hair brushes could say.

This brush is really packed with silvertip fibres,and when I say packed,I really mean it.Maybe the following pic wont tell you much about this regard :

[Image: P1240262.JPG?m=1338520319]

but if I show you this,alongside the 19mm and the 21 mm silvertip fibres brushes,maybe you would understand what I mean when I say that this brush is super packed with silvertip fibres :

[Image: P1240263.JPG?m=1338520915]

I dont have (yet) a 23 mm knot silvertip fibres brush to compare it,but if you have a look to the previous pic,you can clearly see how densely packed is the new XL shaving brush.
In other brushes with animal hair (both boar or badger) that could mean "more water","more product" and a "lather hog" and this is not at all in this case.

Lets see how it behaves with a little bit of Kiss my Face Lavander shaving cream.I just put less than an almond size (less than 1ml) of this cream on the tips of this brush,like you can see in this pic :

[Image: P1240274.JPG?m=1338523919]

and decided that I was gonna make the lather on the palm of my hand,instead than on a bowl.Well,after 1 and a half minute making lather,and adding like 15 drops of water,this is the result :

[Image: P1240275.JPG?m=1338522726]

Impressive,uh? Another pic of the creamy,thick lather I made from it :

[Image: P1240276.JPG?m=1338522727]

So I made lather for more than 5 or 6 passes of a razor/blade with less than 1ml of product.I would say thats impressive,since the brush doesnt retains any lather inside of it,either "sucks it",like some animal hair shaving brushes.

It have been reported by some people that have tried the 23 mm silvertip fibres brush,that those brushes has some scritch on the tips.Its not the case of the XL brush : the tips are as soft as the 21mm shaving brush,or a little bit more.Maybe I get this impression since the brush is so densely packed with fibres that feels a little but more luxurious than the others.

Of course this is a brilliant brush to make lather on a bowl and with shaving creams,but the golden question is : how does it performs with facelathering and hard shaving soaps?

As I said before, I'm a die hard facelatherer,and I'm more "comfortable" with short lofts and small knots.Well,this brush, believe it or not,gives me the same impressions and capabilities than the smaller brushes that I prefer for that task.And,how could it be,since its a big brush?
The answer is simply : the fibres doesnt slash as much (not even close) to many badger/boar hair products and also are pretty flexible,wich makes easy to face lathering without adding to much pressure over them,in circular movements.

The brush looks almost the same one its wet than when is dry,which means that doesnt "blooms" or "splashes " on the face :

[Image: P1240265.JPG?m=1338520916]

So,we have a brush with super soft tips,giving a luxurious feeling,extremely well packed of silvertip fibres,good flow and backbone and its not a lather hog,making lather pretty easy,both with bowl lathering or on the face.What else could we ask for?

So let me answer some questions about this brush for you,gentlemen :

Water retention: Does it hold water sufficiently enough?

More than enough.Being so well packed with fibres makes the lathering easily,without having to add more water most of the time.Also,since the fibres doesnt absorb the water,but release it,the lather is made in almost less time than with an animal hair product and the brush wont "suck it" or "keep it" inside of it (not a lather hog at all).

Loading: Does it pick up soaps and creams easily?

Its a killer with shaving soaps and creams.However,you dont need too much quantity to get lather for more than 3 or 4 passes,wich makes it perfect if you wanna "safe" some money on soaps/or creams (not my case,Im afraid).

Lather: Does it built and apply lather well?

Like a champ,with both circular and painting strokes.Soft,velvety feeling tips helps to that,as well as a medium/high firm backbone and perfect flow.

Application: Does it allow for a soft/smooth/effective application of lather to the skin.

Read previous answer and you will know.Biggrin

Quality feel: Does the synthetic brush have the “quality” feel against the skin? Would it pass a blindfold test against naturals?

Yes,it feels luxurious,like the best silvertips hairs out there and yes,feels really natural.

Appearance: Is the look of the brush attractive?

I think so!

And as I like to reinforced about this shaving brushes made with silvertip fibre :

-Its not a lather hog,either sucks water or soap/cream,so the lather its build really quick,with almost no effort,and the lather quality is what many people like ,dense and thick,instead of runny or full of bubbles due to excess of water on the bristles like with natural hair brushes.

-It take around 10 minutes to be fully dry out.This one around 10/15 minutes since its super packed with silvertip fibre.

-You don't need to much cream or soap to make tons of lather with it.

-It behaves like a natural super badger or silvertip badger brush,with soft tips,good backbones and nice flow.With circular movements can be used with any problems,making no difference with natural badger hair.

This brush truly have surprised me,but I can say the same about the other Muhle synthetic fibre brushes.Its a step ahead on the road to create a more than serious alternative to badger hair,and once again,the Muhle guys have done it.Its also cheaper than many badger hair brushes alternatives out there too (when compare it to brushes with the same measures).Another winner to keep on my bathroom.

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 05-31-2012, 08:38 PM
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Nice review and apparently a nice brush. But to large for me.

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 05-31-2012, 08:39 PM
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(05-31-2012, 08:38 PM)Johnny Wrote: Nice review and apparently a nice brush. But to large for me.
Thats what I thought when I first got it and it wasnt!Biggrin

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 05-31-2012, 08:44 PM
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I've really appreciated all your great reviews of these Silvertip Fiber brushes. They convinced me to buy one and this review has me even more eager to receive it!

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 05-31-2012, 09:24 PM
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A few years ago, when I took up wet shaving seriously, I could not find reviews anywhere that would entice me to try a synthetic brush. They all seemed to score low on any measure of brush quality.

Then I acquired a MÜHLE 21mm Black Fiber brush, and I found a brush I could truly appreciate and that pleased me immensely. Now I have MÜHLE Silvertip Fiber brushes in most sizes, including the XL.

I think that MÜHLE has been hitting home runs with their synthetic brushes, and use them exclusively. I'd recommend them to all serious shavers. These are new, excellent and economic ways to add quality to a shave den. They are not your daddy's synths!

Great review, Teiste, and a pleasure to read and look at. Thank you!

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 05-31-2012, 09:30 PM
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Great Review as always. I think I would like a synthetic in this size.

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 05-31-2012, 11:15 PM
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Thank you for another excellent review, my friend.

I also thought of the 25mm XL as too large for my taste, although some of you might remember me asking Muhle for larger brushes than the at that moment available 23 mm. Yet, a 63 mm seems quite huge to me.

It works beautifully though.

It has always been my hypothesis that these new silver tip fibers would shine in larger knot sizes, and with this XL Muhle proves that point perfectly.

I really cannot wait for the 27 and 29 mm versions for the large brush aficionados!

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 06-01-2012, 02:42 AM
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Another excellent review.

Teiste is answering the question brush size. In terms of performance this may become a good rule of thumb, whatever natural fiber knot size and loft size you like add 2 to 4 mm to that to have an equivalent synthetic.

My 22 mm Silvertip has the same amount of "bloom" as the 25 mm Muhle. The loft of the Muhle is about 3 mm higher. This is because of the fact that the synthetic knot requires additional size to be equivalent in water retention and spread while applying lather.

The synthetic bloom will not increase like the naturals so what you see is what you will continue to get.

To me the sweet spot for natural fibers is from 21 - 24 mm.
The same sweet spot in synthetics is from 24 - 28 mm.

For those of you who say this is a big brush, the H.I.S. that I use is 28 mm and the handle is more than 25% larger. So the Muhle 25 mm is not that larger of a brush.

Again, Teiste, great review.

P.S. The Muhle 25 mm was what I used for this morning shave. Absolutely excellent!

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 06-01-2012, 05:01 AM
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I really enjoyed my trial run with the Muehle when I had it. This big boy looks like more of the same quality.

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 06-02-2012, 04:21 PM
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i guess i need to try one of these brushes. Thanks, Teiste.

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 06-02-2012, 04:37 PM
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(06-02-2012, 04:21 PM)celestino Wrote: i guess i need to try one of these brushes. Thanks, Teiste.

Likewise. Nice review, Teiste.

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