12-25-2014, 04:19 PM
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Sold pending funds.

Hi Guys:

This was a great brush when it was new, but it has become a shedder. It may lose up to ten hairs in one use or as few as two or three. The fault lies with me, not Shavemac - I used it several times with water that was too hot and I believe that caused the glue to softened permanently. It hasn't been used much since the shedding began, so right now there is no obvious hair loss.

It's a beautiful, lush brush that retails in the US for $170 (without VAT). The actual specs are 32mm knot x 61mm loft. The standard loft is 66mm, so the backbone of this brush has a bit more body.

I had a hard time deciding how much to ask for it because it has a limited lifespan. I decided that $45, including US shipping, was a fair price.

[Image: XXnF42i.jpg][Image: AR0XVdr.jpg]

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