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As mentioned in another thread this was a pen Christmas at our house.

[Image: K8kJMKx.jpg]

Clockwise from Left:
Pen World magazine - Freddy has been gracing us with his copies. I gave ML a subscription.
Gibson and Co. stationery set for me - I like this paper.
- TWSBI small inkwell (ML)
- Hebrin Forget Me Not Blue ink in a heart shaped bottle(ML)
Franklin - Christoph travel pen case for me
- Crane Paper note cards (ML)
- Noodlers Bay State Blue ink (ML)
Papyrus Stationery for me. 2 sets in blue and beige
- Platinum Edelstein Garnet Ink of the year (ML)
Laban Elegant fountain pen (me)
TWSBI Vac 700 fountain pen to go with the inkwell for ML
Platinum Maki-e "Autumn Leaves" fountain pen for ML
Franklin - Christoph paper for me
- Goulet ink samples for ML
- Noodlers free pen that came with the BSB ink
- Noodlers Konrad Flex pen for ML
Blue Magnaloy fountain pen for ML
Waterford Lismore fountain pen for our daughter. This is one classy pen.

All of the pens have been inked and tested. The paper will be reviewed later.


[Image: p5ViNNM.jpg]
Platinum Edelstein Garnet Ink of the year 2014. I got this for ML even though it is NOT blue. Garnet is her birthstone and the bottle is beautiful. . It writes like a dream. I love it. ML likes the ink properties but the color is too orange for her.

[Image: OcFO344.jpg]
Noodlers Bay State Blue. ML loves this color but there are reported problems with it. We solved that by pairing it with the Noodlers Konrad flex pen - the ONLY pen she will use this ink in. It is her favorite color ink. Pretty much the "Perfect Mary Lou Blue" she has been searching for.

[Image: qYrLqiR.jpg]
Hebrin Forget Me Not blue ink. I just had to get this for ML. A romantic heart shaped bottle AND a blue ink.
It is a delicate light blue that handles well. We both like it.

F-C Pen Case:
[Image: 7565kVT.jpg]
[Image: OekFeUx.jpg]
This is a leather travel case with a secure magnetic clasp. It will replace 3 smaller cases I use. As expected with F-C products it is well made. The lid folds under to make an "easel" stand holding the pens at a slant if you want.


[Image: xEj653S.jpg]
Waterford Lismore fountain pen with 18 kt medium nib. This is modeled after their most popular crystal pattern which is modeled on the Lismore Castle in Waterford, Ireland.
This is the most elegant and classy pen I have ever seen. It writes extremely smooth. The medium nib leaves a wet line with Diamine Oxblood ink but not a problem for my daughter. She is worse than ML and her fondness for blue inks. Ever since Freddy sent us a sample my daughter ONLY uses the Oxblood ink. It is a regal color and goes well with this classy pen. I would not mind acquiring one of these pens in the future.

[Image: mJEgRY9.jpg]
Laban Elegant fountain pen with a 14 kt fine nib. I love this pen. It does look elegant. It writes very well. I paired it with the Garnet 2014 ink and it writes great. No smearing issues for this lefty. The pen is large and heavy - my preferred kind of pen. The cap is very heavy and I will have to see if posting it raises any issues during extended use.

[Image: iNFpwUI.jpg]
[Image: fNjERnX.jpg]
Platinum Maki-e "Autumn Leaves" fountain pen with 18 kt medium nib.
This is a beautiful pen to look at. It is lightweight and on the small side but fits ML's hand well. It writes beautifully. There are a few different designs of this pen with Japanese themes like cranes or koi fish. ML fell in love with the "leaves" version. It was hard to find and when I ordered it in September only Iguanasells.com had the "leaves" version.

[Image: bVvlu1B.jpg]
Noodlers Konrad Flex. ML requested this pen solely to be able to use the Bay State Blue ink. She loves the look of the pen. She loves the BSB ink. But the flex nib is a new concept to her and she will have to use it some more before commenting.

[Image: i8bCEvv.jpg]
Yafa Outlet Magnaloy Fountain pen with stainless medium nib.
This is a triangular pen that feels odd in my hand. Fortunately it is ML's gift and she loves how it fits her hand. The nib is a little scritchy for her.

[Image: HfyXSrP.jpg]
TWSBI Vac700 with medium stainless steel nib and Inkwell
This TWSBI inkwell can be used as a travel inkwell for any pen. But it is designed to fit the TWSBI Vac700. The pen screws in as if you were screwing on the pen cap. Turn it over and pull then push the plunger and your pen is magically filled.
The pen writes great. It is large but feels good in both our hands. ML paired the inkwell and pen with the Hebrin F-M-N ink and they worked well together.

[Image: hLyGTYH.jpg]
Pen World magazine. As mentioned, Freddy was sending us his copy. This mag is porn for pen aficionados. Beautiful photography and informative text. We recommend it.

[Image: eyuYEQ0.jpg]
This was a late dessert. Cheese cake with a lemon syrup and Teavana English breakfast tea. A great way to close the day.

Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas.

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 12-25-2014, 06:54 PM
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Just WOW, Phil. That is some beautiful equipment there. I love my orange TWSBI Vac700 and those TWSBI inkwells (I have a large) are a dream come true for filling pens. I hate the usual J. Herbin ink bottles when attempting an ink fill so I just decant the ink into my TWSBI inkwell. I love it.

I'm not sure which of those pens I like the best but that Maki-e is a stunner. May Mary Lou and you get many years of wonderful use from all of the Christmas goodies.

Tell your daughter that I agree with her about the Diamine Oxblood ink. It is definitely a favorite of mine, as well.

Merry Christmas to you and yours, Phil. Smile

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You both have some wonderful gifts.



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 12-27-2014, 02:18 PM
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Congratulations, Phil! Thumbup

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 12-28-2014, 01:12 PM
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simply great family!

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