12-27-2014, 02:12 AM
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Bought these vintage (early 90s?) Rexona splashes today, Rozelle Markets, Sydney. Cost? For both, $10 AUD ($8 US; £5). Not bad.

[Image: MxkaH6i.jpg]
[Image: t1T3d3R.jpg]
[Image: VMV2h29.jpg]

I didn't think I'd like it; I arrogantly assumed it'd be cheap and nasty, but oooooh nooooo.... (well, cheap, yes, yes...

As an aftershave this stuff is bracing, yet delicately scented, with a lingering, deepening complexity that even my WIFE likes (and that's saying something, let me tell you). Summery. Beaches. Surf.

They are different bottles as you can see (but why?) one clear; one frosted, different word layout, but both with same boxes/inserts.

I always associate Rexona with deodorant, so I was mildly surprised at this find. Never seen it before; did some research: zilch.

Anyone else ever seen or used .... or remember it?

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