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Getting rid of a bunch of stuff that just doesn't get used (or has never been used at all). Prices include shipping to USA, international inquiries welcome, payment via paypal. Open to trades for brushes, fragrances or unused/ lightly used soaps. I know the pictures aren't great and I'd be happy to take a better picture if you need one. PM me with offers or inquiries, but please check with your wife first.

[Image: fUJBoUw.jpg]
Left to right:


Trumper Eucris in bowl NEW - Scent not quite what I was expecting. $25

Alvarez Gomez Shaving Cream NEW - I'm done with creams, great Mediterranean citrus scent withdrawn

I Coloniali Refill NEW - Great scent, lather and post shave feel, I will be buying more of this when I get through my current "puck" sometime next decade. $18 SOLD

DR Harris Sandalwood Refill NEW - Not feeling this scent, I'll stick with my Windsor, Arlington and Marlborough $16

[Image: uDAG3FG.jpg]
Cream Lot - Includes previous formula Crabtree & Evelyn Sandalwood (90%), Every Man Jack Cedarwood NEW, Coates creams some NEW some used $25 ($20 WITH ANY OTHER ITEM(S)

[Image: pmwcp8S.jpg]
Left to right:
Jacques Fath Green Water (used a few times) - Excellent fragrance very similar to Acqua di Parma Colonia $20 sold

C&E Sandalwood EdT (used twice) - A nice complex spicy, soapy, sandalwood scent, I'm looking for a similar scent without the soapy note $28 ($25 WITH ANOTHER ITEM(S)

Davidoff Cool Water Edt (90%) and Aftershave (80%) - Excellent fragrance in the Green Irish Tweed genre (I prefer Aspen) WITHDRAWN

Myrsol Metisol (used 3x) - Great astringent aftershave with a herbal hint $22 Sold

Lucido Aftershave - A great hard to find scentless splash from Japan with alum $15 Sold

[Image: FsFDfwX.jpg]
Left to right:


Lot - C&E Moroccan Myrhh NEW, C&E Sandalwood (used once), DR Harris Arlington NEW $20 SOLD!

DR Harris After Shaving Milk (used once) - Best moisturizer I have ever used, soothing but not greasy at all. Don't care for the mild rose scent (would love to trade for unscented or different scented milk) $30

DR Harris Exfoliating Cream NEW $12

Pre-shave lot - Prep Pre-shave (used once), Shea Moisture pre-shave oil (90%), Pacific Shaving pre-shave oil (70%)- I've dialed in my pre-shave routine and these aren't getting used anymore $10 sold

[Image: gzQ2BjY.jpg]
Left to right:

El Druida Rosewood with Manchurian (25mm knot diameter x 48mm loft) - Truly a work of art, this brush feels great in the hand. The knot has medium backbone and density, very soft tips with a light touch and a hint of scritch if splayed using circular motions. A tough one to let go, but I am really focusing on keeping brushes that are in my Goldilocks zone. $73 SOLD

Rooney Butterscotch Barrel Boar Brush (23mm knot x 55mm loft)- A very rare handle in excellent shape. The knot is dense and about halfway broken in so has a little scritch, which should go away once the rest of the tips split. The handle is larger and heavier than I like and so it doesn't get used much. There is easily enough room to install up to a 26mm knot if you wanted. WITHDRAWN

The Grooming Co. synthetic - as mentioned over and over this is the Plisson with more backbone, but I prefer the Plisson personally. $35 sold

Thater 4125/2 Silvertip - I purchased this brush new at the end of last year and fell in love. I then purchased it's two band sister and this silvertip hasn't seen the light of day since. Amazingly soft tips, and enough backbone to face lather with easily. $100 ($95 WITH ANOTHER ITEM(S) sold

Thanks for looking gentlemen, wishing you many happy shaves in 2015!


Lot - NEW Blades Grim gold edition Smolder, Cuba Gold Aftershave (level at bottom of label) and Cuba Gold EdT (level approx 1" below bottom of label) - These all have a similar bean (tonka/vanilla) scent that has fallen out of favor with me lately. $15 sold

Wickham Spice Trade (used twice) - Excellent soap, superior performance to most artisans that I have tried, but makes my face tingle $20 SOLD

Lot - Seifenglatt Lavender (used a few times), Herbs of Bulgaria Lavender Aftershave (hard to find, 95%), Agua Lavanda Puig cologne (~50%) $20 sold

Matador Caballero plus free Gillette Old Type head $20 sold

German Bakelite Slant - One of my old favorites, very smooth and close shaves. The handle has a very small piece broken off at the top and I recommend using the head on a metal handle (fits most standard handles) to ensure enough pressure is achieved to close fully. $45 SOLD

Parker 94R - I only used this razor once, too aggressive for my taste $25 SOLD

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Brilliant stuff here to buy !

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Great looking stuff.
Love that Rooney

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I think the DRH balm you have is the most lightly scented one, not sure there is one that is unscented.

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(01-04-2015, 08:58 AM)tti Wrote: I think the DRH balm you have is the most lightly scented one, not sure there is one that is unscented.

I would prefer the Windsor or Arlington then as those scents actually mesh with my A/S and colognes. I may just end up using it as a night time moisturizer if it doesn't sell/trade.

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Some prices reduced and combination offers added.

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