01-04-2015, 10:20 PM
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I'm interested in trading for Old Spice shave creams(only interested in the "Original" scent - sometimes referred to on packaging as the "classic" scent)... will consider Old Spice talc. Here's what I have...let me know if you want to trade more than one, etc.

I have a tub of RazoRock Zi Peppino (Green Tobacco) shave soap that looks a little less than half full, an Arko Cool shave cream tube that's been used a couple of times, a dark brown wooden shave soap bowl that is unused (the pictures are a little darker than the bowl actually is... the first picture is closer to actual color); an unscented shave puck in a black container used 2 or 3 times(can't remember the brand, performs well, I'm just not into unscented)
[Image: iCz4A3j.jpg]
[Image: zNqpwNB.jpg]

Please PM me your trade ideas. Thanks

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