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Hello all. I'm new to the shaving scene. I had a safety razor and an enjector razor my father used years ago when I first started shaving. When I first bought my own razor I bought a top of the line electric razor that worked great. It lasted many years. After this razor gave out I bought another top of line electric that I still have today and shaves great. I have a heavy thick growth that the razor takes no problem. I can get a good not BBS shave in about 1-2 min. Problem is on the neck which the razor takes long to shave complete without the razor pinching scratching. During Hollidays and special days where we would take pictures I appear with 5 o clock shadow and messy neck shave. I always said I needed a blade razor for those times but never got one. I never liked the razors in the market or the price to used only about 10 times a year. Until I was at the mall this Christmas season shopping for gifts I saw a shaving store I quickly went in with my son and I saw old style razors!!! I thought they were a thing of the past. I asked the salesman to let me see them and a joy came over me that I remberd my fathers razors with old spice and sea breeze after shave. I told my son to buy one for his Godfather (muhle 89 closed ) with a travel pack soap, brush, oil etc. I told him he was giving the most special gift. I could not stop thinking of the beloved memories of my late father, his music, his WWII stories, his gentleness, his scents, and his love. My son has told me he will also pick up a razor for me. I like the same razor muhle 89. Sorry for this long introduction but here I need some suggestions. My wife gave me $100 online shopping spree. I'm going with plisson synth brush with arc. handle from thier website. Now, I've also have acquired $250 in amazon gift card credit, thus is my problem. Which items would you load in your cart if you were me? I have muhle razor &brush stand chrome, Phoenix soaps ( cavindish, and also beach sent,) and I'm on the fence for a badger brush since my plisson is synt. I'm leaning towards WSP high mountain silver tip monarch, and also some feather blades. I'm I wasting my money or is this a good start?
Thanks for any suggestions.

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Hello and welcome to the Shave Nook! The are much better men on he to advise you on razors, brushes and soaps. I do want to say that Pinaud Clubman Vanilla is a wonderful aftershave!

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Hello, welcome to: " The Shave Nook " Relax & Enjoy.

Charles U.K

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Welcome to TSN!

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Welcome to The Shave Nook and enjoy your stay. Smile

Blades are variable and what is loved by one shaver is hated by another. Feathers are very sharp and can give a beautiful BBS shave but can also be unforgiving and do not last as long as many others, at least in my estimation. Why not consider something like a Sampler pack such as these sold at Bullgoose: http://bullgooseshaving.com/blade-sampler-packs/. The Touchstone Sampler Pack (http://bullgooseshaving.com/bullgoose-to...-8-brands/) includes some Feather blades as well as others and is a good way to see what works best for your beard and skin.

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Welcome! There's a lot of reviews for hardware and software here, so take a look. It will take some time to dial in what is specific to you, so be patient and ask a lot of questions of the forum

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Welcome to The Shave Nook.

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Welcome to The Nook. I'll second Freddy's recommendations about buying a sample pack and trying different blades to see what works best given your beard and skin types. I'd also hold off on buying too much more equipment until you've had a chance to become familiar with what you now have. The thing is: a given blade typically performs differently in different razors; so acquiring a lot of "stuff" before you've had a chance to find what works-and, BTW develop good technique, could lead to frustration. Take your time and enjoy the ride!

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Welcome to The Shave Nook.

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Welcome to the Nook, Jesse, from an Indiana member. Sounds like you've caught the bug - many of us have it. There is already good advice posted here - I'd say "go slowly, spend more time prepping to shave than you might have expected to (really wet and wash deeply), and concentrate on learning good technique." Most of us started out too focused on the equipment. Have fun!

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Hello, and welcome to TSN.

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Hello, welcome to the shave Nook. I am in a giving mood if you are in the USA PM me and I will PIF you 20 blades.

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Hello Jessebaseball and welcome to the Nook!
We understand what you're saying. Hang in there; you've made some good choices. In time, you will get proficient, and in turn will help others.
Glad to have you!

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Hello and welcome!

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Welcome to TSN! Sounds like your off to a good start. The R89 is a good razor and my daily user. I agree with all the above. What some love others will hate so this is def a YMMV hobby. Be sure to check out the BST for some great deals. Its a good way to try new things without breaking the bank!

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Welcome to the Nook. So many questions yet so little time. For brushes I only use Simpsons (best and Manchurian badger). As fr Amazon purchases, I would look at some creams and soaps those are readily available there. I prefer to use stores (sites) like Bull Goose, Simpsons, etc check out vendor thread for more. They are all great guys willing to answer questions and assist. Good luck and again welcome.

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Welcome to the forum

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Welcome to the Nook!

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Welcome to TSN

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