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[Image: P1240286.JPG?m=1338579197]

If you havent red about the new Muhle Open Comb head,I would recommend you to read this thread about it first : Muhle R 41 Grande safety razor.

[Image: P1240285.JPG?m=1338579194]

With the R41,this razor shares the same open comb head,that have became so famous in the last couple months,for being "aggressive" for some,for others "pretty effective".

As I already wrote in another thread :

We have discussed the great closed comb head that Muhle razors have,but what about this new open comb head?Is that aggressive and beard killer as many people have reported?

Well,lets compare heads (open vs close comb) :

[Image: P1240284.JPG?m=1338579470]

In the previous pic,you can see the new Muhle R 101 with a closed comb head and the Edwin Jagger with a open comb head.As you can see,the blade on the EJ is really bend,while on the Muhle is almost straight.That should gives us a clue of what we have on our hands...

Here is another pic (thanks JR for the pic) of the new open comb head :

[Image: p6281461.jpg]

As you can imagine,this razor is not as "soft" as the closed comb one,or maybe it is or could be....Wink

Yes,it could be less aggressive if we know how to use it.If we use it with the same cut angle that we would use with, a regular close comb razor,well,you are gonna have problems...but,if we change the cutting angle to one that is more parallel to the skin,we are gonna have one of the most effective shaving razors out there,with the slant.But yes,there is a learning curve in how to use this razor properly,and maybe,the first shaves with it, aren't gonna be as pleasant as we would like,but I guess the same happens when people are learning to use a shavette or a straight razor.

This close comb head,actually,behaves more like a shavette than a regular safety razor,so you know how effective could it be,but also how aggressive too,if you don't use it on the right way.So remember,more parallel to the skin than with a regular safety razor,no pressure at all,and patience...the razor would reward you with great shaves in two full passes!

If you have a really coarse,thick beard,or just wanna reduce the number of razor passes during shaving,this razor could be the ones for you.

I have been asked which razor is more aggressive,if the new Muhle or the Merkur Slant.Well,it depends how good or bad you use it,but Ill rather get this razor than the slant.Once I got it right,this razor provides me excellent shaves,as well as its better finish it than the Merkur (at least,for my taste and like).

So we basically know now what is all about with this new open comb head and how to used it properly,if we dont wanna suffer from cuts,irritation and nicks.

[Image: P1240288.JPG?m=1338579240]

This razor is beautifully made,and the black handle gives it a touch of class,something that I truly like.However,some people have reported that it could be slippery if you have wet hands while using it,but I have never experience that,either with this razor,or the Muhle R 103 (white handle) or the Edwin Jaggers DE86/DE87 (black and ivory handle).

[Image: P1240292.JPG?m=1338579687]

Oother thing that I really like from the Muhle razors are the attention to the detail,and how well finish they are.

This razor has a shorter handle than the new Muhle R 41/89 Grande,as you can see in this pic :

[Image: P1240289.JPG?m=1338579240]

I dont have big hands,so this razor fits them perfectly fine.Also has an excellent balance,for its length and weight.

[Image: P1240291.JPG?m=1338579701]

If we removed the open comb head and put a close one (thats the good thing about the Muhle and Edwin Jagger razors) we would get the Muhle R 107.

Muhle are truly innovating,not only with the new synthetic fibres brushes,but also with these new open comb razors.I say it once again,if you get it right,this safety razor could be great,but if not,prepare to suffer,but good things comes after some learning,I have been told in the past.Biggrin

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 06-02-2012, 04:19 PM
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Thanks for the review, Teiste. Have you tried every razor and brush out there?!

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 06-05-2012, 04:13 AM
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Another great review Teiste.

I have the less effective/aggressive 2010 version and it ranks among my favoured razors.

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 06-05-2012, 07:22 AM
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Great pictures Teiste. A beautiful razor but aggressive.

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