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I'm confused about all the threads I read on Chubby super badger brushes. People are saying that the super chubby badger has a 2 band and a 3 band grade of hair. If they are a difference, what is the difference? On the Vulfix/Simpson website I saw they make a two banded Chubby labeled as silver tip. What is the difference between Simpson's silver tip badger, and the super badger? Does the chubby best badger hair have a 2 band and 3 band grade of hair? if so what's the difference? Is the 100.00 price difference worth the money, for the super VS best badger?

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 01-07-2015, 06:04 PM
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Simpson produces the Best and Super grades as regular production brushes. They produce limited edition (when available) SiLVERTiP and Manchurian grades. The two band super (and sometimes Best) are older brushes and made with the same hair as the SiLVERTiP Brushes. The Manchurian hair is the same as the older brushes that carry the "Extra Super" stamp.

Best is a very good grade of hair that Alexander Simpson used for his personal brushes.
Super has similar backbone with softer tips.
SiLVERTiP (Two Band Super) has more backbone and softer tips.
Manchurian has the most backbone and is more scritchy/ scrubby (batch dependant).

Most guys will say that best is the better value and you will not go wrong with this brush. The Super is a great brush as are the SiLVERTiP and Manchurian. This will all come down to personal preference after all YMMV.
I hope this helps. Also check out the BST section, you can get some great deals on there for some well cared for brushes.

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I believe currently there are five variations of Chubby's produced. Best and Super are 3 band hair and these are the only ones that can be obtained from resellers. Best supposedly uses a lower quality hair than Super, although many will tell you they prefer Best over Super. Also, from what I have read, the most recent batches of Best are significantly improved over previous ones. I have never tried Super although it is supposed to be softer than Best.

Then you have 2 Band Silvertip, which I find just incredibly luxurious and probably the softest hair Simpson produces. Finally for badger hair there is the Manchurian Badger which is the current crème de la crème. Also two band, the hairs on this one are more resilient allowing for excellent flow while still maintaining soft tips. These two you can only buy directly from the Simpson website when they are available, or BST if you're lucky. Also available only from Simpson is the Chubby synthetic badger (the fifth variation).

Whether each is worth their price is entirely subjective, of course. I'd say start with Best and move your way up Biggrin

Sorry Jim, just saw you beat me to it as I was typing my response...Blush

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Hi Slim,
you are correct, the naming of hair grades can be very confusing. To answer your questions:
-Yes, Super Badger comes in both 2-band and 3-band varieties. Two band brushes labeled "Super Badger" are older stock and made up until last couple of years. However, currently made brushes labeled "super Badger" will be 3-band.

-Brushes labeled "SilverTip" can also come in both 2-band and 3-band varieties. The label denotes that the brush was made as a limited edition, ie something special. These can only be had via the Simpson website or through a conversation with Mark (Simpson Shaving Brushes head honcho, and an extremely great guy I might add.) Labeling of brushes with "SilverTip" has been around for the last year or two (I'm not exactly sure on the date).
Brushes labeled "Best Badger" also came in both 2-band and 3-band varieties. However, currently produced brushes labeled "Best Badger" will be 3-band.

Then one day you will happen upon a brush filled with Simpson Manchurian hair and once you try it you will realize that it didn't really matter what all the others were! Biggrin

As to the differences between 2-band and 3-band hair, I find 2-band brushes to have superior backbone and soft tips. That isn't to say that 3-band has poor backbone and scratchy tips but my preference is for 2-band over 3-band.
Hope this is helpful to you

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boy, talk about some Simpson knowledge. I bow to all the above. love all my simpsons equally. cant choose favorites anymore.

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(01-07-2015, 06:10 PM)Giorgio Wrote: Sorry Jim, just saw you beat me to it as I was typing my response...Blush

I love that we had three different responses within minutes! Its great to see the different perspectives covering lots of good info.

Great posts guys! I love being part of this community. Biggrin

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Bottom line- they're all good!

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