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Many razors are labelled "Aristocrat Junior"

I am no expert, but for summary purposes, in this thread, I will only call a razor an 'Aristocrat Junior' if it has the flat base-plate.

I have found 2 versions of this particular razor (cases aside), and I am wondering if anyone has seen another version with the base-plate (other than a gold plated version) of the same razors?

This is my summary of the 3 flat base-plate Aristocrat Juniors:


Shave Den (trust it's ok to post here?) ...the so-called '49', because it was made in 1949. It has British end-caps (pointed), the notched centre bar, and Rocket-style winder (with 'gap' upon opening/closing). 71 (72?) grams. Search for '49':


This is the SAME razor as the 51 and 53 sets listed with Mr Razor:

Mr Razor has the 51 (72 grams) and 53 sets (both 1949) with the receding knob, pointed end-caps, and the notched centre-bar:

51 Set:


53 Set (same as above; different case)



Shave Den also lists the '48' (search '48' in the same Shave Den link above).

At 62 grams it is the same as the one listed with Mr Razor (link below): Both have the 40s-style knob (and non-receding/no 'gap') and wings on the centre-bar (notches came about in 1949; therefore the '48' refers not just to the title but the year) and no end-caps:


There are many others Gillettes called the Aristocrat Junior with the triangular or diamond baseplate, but to me there are almost indistinguishable from Rockets or SuperSpeeds.

I have also seen the end-capped 51 or 53 inside the blue bakelite 48 set case, but as we know, Gillette used old stock and mixed and matched.

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