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Yet another straight purchased when I was on a huge vintage straight buying spree. This blade has been beautifully restored by our own silverloaf. When he restored he was careful to preserve the delicate etching on the blade, so some minor pitting does exist, to fully polish the blade would have meant losing the etching which seemed to be the less desirable option. The blade is approximately from 1820s.

The scales are M3 in black lava and colbatium. This material has become quite popular with a number of custom makers including Sprecher.

I have not used this blade since purchase. With 50+ straights in the collection, it has never seen any use. Asking $165 via Priority Mail. Comes with pouch (not original).

[Image: b7blNn0.jpg]
[Image: WXt97lJ.jpg]
[Image: 4itU3lB.jpg]
[Image: 8gaQf2p.jpg]
[Image: W49QuZK.jpg]
[Image: mf1EKLI.jpg]
[Image: wvTV3iG.jpg]

Info on the scale material:
M3 Lava is produced with real volcanic material from ancient dormant volcanoes found in the Southwest, USA. The volcanic ash is found in a variety of natural colors allowing for dramatic color contrast with other materials especially metal. Once reconstructed by the M3 process, the new molecular structure of the Lava is extremely strong, heat resistant and exhibits a beautiful, durable natural surface. The material is slightly hygroscopic, allowing it to absorb sweat during use and feels really comfortable in your hand.

As with all M3 composite materials, M3 Lava is unbelievably easy to turn, cut, shape and polish with standard wood working tools. Once sanded and finished, M3 Lava is very strong and holds a magnificent mat or deep mirror finish. Engineered to be dense and stable with a high strength-to-weight ratio, M3 Lava will hold the finest of detail.


Durable - Macro-Molecular Materials (M3) are part of the new breed of new age designer materials that make everything from the Stealth Bomber to the International Space Station possible. These materials are made with high purity metals and other exotic elements that have been deconstructed to the macro-molecular level, homogenously combined and then reconstructed with highly refined proprietary chemical binders. Objects produced from M3 Mokume blanks will literally last forever.

Unique - Each blank is an individual work of art created by a master technician. The blanks are made to size in order to insure that the wood grain pattern is always in proportion and the “sweet spot” is just below the surface revealed by turning, carving or milling.

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beautiful scales! glwts!

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Beautiful scales, glwts.

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