01-13-2015, 01:49 PM
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I have had good shaves all week. but a few minutes ago, i had a great shave. i tried some new things{ ok. just one . i soaked my soap while bathing.} and some things i hadn't done in awhile.{ i confess. while i was bathing i put some canned goop, in this case, Rise Shave Cream, to help soften the whiskers. i don't usually, but i have a can or 2 of goop left from the old days and i need to use it.}
I used one of those razors advertised by that pawn stars guy. most of what i heard about them were great. i have used it for about a year usually with no problems. but today , i don't know what happenend. but i got nicks and weepers like nobody's business!!
i know i have sensitive skin and barbed wire for whiskers, so a certain amount i have learned to accept. but WHOA!
but the Olimon A/S smells great and did what it was supposed to!
oh, while i was in the bath, i also soaked my face with a hot towel. on top of the shave cream. i watched a vid today on sraight razor shaving and it the barber put the cream and then the hot towel . it works really good. but what i really need is a good barber who knows how to shave and makes house calls.... hmmm.

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 01-13-2015, 08:50 PM
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Congratulations! Thumbup

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