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I've almost got a complete setup in my shaving den now with multiple pre-shave oils and creams, brushes, shaving soaps and creams, razors and post-shave balms but I don't have any aftershaves for my face/neck.

To be honest, I'm not entirely sure what aftershave is and the difference between that, EDT and cologne. As far as I can tell EDT is the strongest of all, the scent is the strongest and lasts the longest and should not be sprayed on skin.

So what is it that I should use on my face/neck that has a long lasting scent? Aftershave? What's the difference between that and an aftershave splash? Why do some have a spray function and others not? I was looking at the Stirling Sharp Dressed Man but importing aftershave into the UK is prohibited.

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 01-19-2015, 10:27 AM
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Aftershave is just what it's name implies; a post shave application to clean and freshen up and care for the now
possibly cut or irritated skin. Alcohol based AS will
sterilize while other bases like Witch Hazel, Australian
tea tree oil or Aloe Vera will provide replacement oil and moisture. The scent is fleeting and various formulas go through a 'drydown' during which the single, or various scents will react uniquely with your own body chemistry.
Some may, in fact linger faintly all day. A 'close' scent is desirable in all forms.
Think about that heavily perfumed lady in the lift/elevator who knocks everyone down faster than mustard gas. AS should be splashed or patted on the face without excessive rubbing. Friction will cause the scent emollients to 'bloom' all at once.
Cologne, or EDT are strictly to smell nice. You apply small dabs to IE back of ears and upper chest.Some advocate putting it on your shirt collar to maintain scent integrity. My thought? do you want your love interest snuggling up to your ear or your shirt collar? Spray bottles are anathema to most users. You lose application control and use more.
In the UK you have several classics by Harris, Taylors of Old Bond Street, Penhaligons. Several come in both AS and EDT if you find a scent you really like. Finally, Different makers have different ideas about what a AS-cologne-EDT is. Some are noticeably weaker than others. Bois de Portugal is a true EDT. One drop and I am scentmarked for 48 hours like a tree in bear country.

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 01-20-2015, 08:48 PM
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for an updated, fresh take on modern British scents and shaving accessories check out Murdock of London. In particular their Black Tea EdT.

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 01-30-2015, 07:17 AM
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Ah I see. The TOBS Eton College scent is really nice, might get the aftershave version of that if it is similar to the cream.

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