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Hi !

First, the Heritage.

I'm looking for a M&F with an heritage 3 band knot. I've had the pleasure to experience a Blonde Badger knot and fell in love instantly. It was kind of surprising for me because I had always been a 3 band kind of guy, so i'm really curious to see how I'll like the 3 band offering from M&F. I'm thinking that if the 2 band was THAT good, then the 3 band is going to rock my socks off !

Then the Finest.

I've heard a lot of great things about the mystical ''Finest'' that Lee is known to use. And then again, if I enjoyed the Blonde Badger 2 band, I just cant imagine how this Finest is going to feel ! It may very well be my holy grail ! who knows ?

Thanks a lot !


PS : Not really looking for any specific type of handle shape or knot size.

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