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#5. Metropolis: Where Everybody Is Your Neighbor. Literally!

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Metropolis isn't just a fictional city ruled by a power-mad Aryan Ubermensch. It was originally a real place -- or at least it was going to be. Just prior to the turn of the 20th century, King Camp Gillette (yes, the shaving guy) had a slightly different idea for Metropolis:
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You missed a spot there, buddy.

"Under a perfect economical system of production and distribution, and a system combining the greatest elements of progress, there can be only one city on a continent, and possibly only one in the world."

No more Chicago, Miami or L.A. Just one gargantuan city, home to everyone in North America, and maybe, eventually, the entire planet. Sure, there would be other, smaller areas scattered throughout the country for people to work for temporary periods of time, and even others to vacation in, but Metropolis would be "home to the people." All 6,075 square miles of it, located directly over Niagara Falls.
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And we can't stress this enough: In no way was it a mammoth training base for King Gillette's Razor-troopers.

Gillette's plan was to use the falls not only as the main source of water but also to power the city. The design and layout of the buildings themselves were so brutally efficient that we wouldn't see their likeness again until the pod towers of The Matrix.
[Image: 40182.jpg?v=1]
And Gillette was dead serious about his mega-city. Not only did he write a book on the subject of Metropolis, detailing dimensions and specific methods of implementation, he also wrote a book on the hypothetical company that should create and manage it. He offered the presidency of said company to Theodore Roosevelt at the bargain price of $1 million. Which seems like a pretty fair trade once you realize that one of Gillette's main goals was to abolish the concept of money entirely.
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"I will give you complete control of the entire continent in exchange for 1 million nothings!"

Read more: http://www.cracked.com/article_18947_the-6-most-insane-cities-ever-planned.html#ixzz3PWQ2leVC

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Wow! Forward thinking, indeed!  Biggrin

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this idea reminds me of... well, let me just say mr gillette is a ultra-visonary man, worthy of any good hearted dictator Wink

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Wow. That is very interesting to find out.

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Interesting guy--and a great story.  Of course, Gillette was a contemporary of a bunch of big time operators: Carnegie, Rockefeller, Ford, et al. (not to mention Jules Verne); so his visions, although far-fetched to us today, could have seemed plausible in the rarefied atmosphere of the day.  We should note, however, that T.R. declined the offer. Rolleyes

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