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Hi Guys,

I am looking to trade with someone a variety of different software. I would preferably like to trade with someone in Canada but if someone in the US is willing then I am too if we can come up with something mutual. My ultimate trade item I am looking for is MDC in the original scent, but also Razorock Zi Peppino, The Stallion, Chicago and Don Marco (Newest release). Open to all Artisan soap makers and scents except Bay Rum.
My offerings are:
B&M Tre Citta Tangerine Ylang Ylang,
Castle Forbes Lavender,
HTGAM Cherry Sandalwood Vanilla,
Maggards Orange Menthol,
PannaCrema Lavandotto,
Razorock Classic,
Speick Men Shaving Cream (Tube),
TOBS Luxury Shaving Cream.

If you are interested please pm me

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