01-24-2015, 10:01 AM
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I know that:

1) Muhle STF V2 knots (Rudy Vey)

2) Plisson knot can be sacrificed from a full brush

3) V.Sheng has knots on the bay. Have my doubts if the knots are similar to the FS Purtechs. Knot size is small....

4) Whipped Dog

5) Envy shave - Ubersoft

6) TGN - Nylon knots

7) Frank Shaving - Purtech = discounted based on previous bad experience

I have heard of a few other variations - including a larger version (24mm) that looks similar to the Plisson knot. Not sure of the source for that.

Potentially a larger knot (24-25mm) than the Plisson with a lower loft might provide the appropriate balance of soft tips and backbone

Recommendations and/or commentary based on your experience would be appreciated.

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