01-24-2015, 02:07 PM
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I try to keep a small stash of nearly every blade possible to try with any new razor I may get. Polsilver SIs have been my main goto blade. Sometimes they are a little too sharp though and that can affect the shave.

I finally tried the Rubie in my ATT S1 and was quite impressed. It isn't as sharp as the SI so it has a teeny bit more feedback but it's far from tuggy and still quite smooth. The upside is I can apply that light pressure fairly consistently in the S1 that I couldn't with the SI that gives me a super close BBS shave with minimal irritation.

While the SI may be my mainstay due to efficiency the Rubie may be my blade of choice with the S1 for that night out or important interview.

I did this after trying the Rapira platinum lux. Not bad, but not as sharp as the Rubie. 

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