01-25-2015, 11:05 AM
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Time for a major cleanout. I am going to school and wont have time to dabble in my collection. I dont NEED the money for school (thank you pre 9/11 MGIB) but would like to recoup some gas money. Some of these items are hard to let go of, as finding them again would be near to impossible. Cash, Check, and money order accepted. All prices include shipping, but will work with a buyer that wants multiple items to save on shipping. Prefer to keep this CONUS, except on the high dollar items, would have to get a shipping quote etc...
Trades are entertained but cash preferred.

Items of interest are Floid Vigaroso(big bottle), and unused Catties Bubbles LTV or LPV, Jobanman Tierra Humeda, B&M Vannille, Arctique, or the Orange/ylang ylang.
I REALLY REALLY want a cased Old Type Big Boy user grade (shipper not needed) or maybe a vintage slant.
If you have an item you want to trade me, feel free to pm me and ask, the list above is not all inclusive for me, but it is my priority list.

Vintage shave cream $6.00 for the pair
The Gillette has turned grainy so it only good for display. The Palmolive is
still thick and rich so is usable. I dig the instructions on the back.

QCS Fougere soap and balm $20.00
Brand new never used. Just didnt pass the sniff test. BTW, QCS balm lasts FOREVER.

[Image: 20141027_115802_zps40f14295.jpg]

Gem Pushbutton Black and Silver, 1912 Gem, and OS mug $20.00 The 2 SEs are sold! Mug available for $5.00 if buying another item,
I have used the Pushbutton half a dozen times but it was NOS when I got it. 1912 is starting to show a little brass on the CC. On the mug, the mural is almost gone but I noticed this mug is many shades darker than my others.

Brass Gem Ornate Handle SE with shipping box $18.00
I hadn't ever seen a solid brass 1912 Gem before so I had to have it. I havent shaved with it yet. It has the flat top cap. The handle is VERY heavy. Also, the green under the head, I believe is the original cosmoline coating that has tarnished under there. This razor shows very little if any use so I dont believe this to be soap scum or it would have come off under normal cleaning. Comes with the OE Gem blades, though they are probly unusable.

D3 dated Gold Executive. $75.00  SOLD!!!
Most people just call this the gold Fatboy but I use the given name. Very clean. Better than user grade but not a museum piece. Some color loss on the safety bar. Everything else is close to pristene. This is the prize of my collection, but I have to ask why? I have used it twice, but it does more duty on display than what it was made for. There are many drawbacks to me selling this, but I think I must let it go. I have loved it long enough.

[Image: 20141027_115000_zps1e2a17ee.jpg]

[Image: 20141027_114755_zps606877bc.jpg]

[Image: 20141027_114704_zps54138eaf.jpg]

2 Ball End Old Types $12.00 each
Both have the cracked handles and no bent teeth. I have cleaned up the heads and used them.(didnt clean the handles) Each comes with a case. I did decide to keep one of the cases, and put it in an old enders case I had. No date codes on either head.

2 old brushes. They are filthy, and the knots are disintegrating at the slightest touch. Basically in "as-found" condition. The bowl goes with them if the buyer prefers. One is an Eveready 79 and the other is a Rubberset. Handles look in pretty good shape, aside from the filth. $9.00

Last but not least

Wade and Butcher Scheffield The Celebrated Hollow Ground Razor For Barber Use $190.00
Has barber notch.
This was an impulse buy for me as I do not SR shave (not yet anyway) It was polished and prepped to this condition before I purchased it. Forgive my ignorance with SRs, but I do not know the measurments hence the ruler to answer the questions for me. I'm sure it is very close to shave ready but this needs to be in the hands of a man that knows how to use and care for it. I see only one spot where corrosion may have entered the metal, but it was cursory buffed clean by the previous owner. I think it can be polished further. I can tell you this;
It's big
It's old
It is very VERY sexy

[Image: 20141027_113936_zpsf1d6d04d.jpg]

[Image: 20141027_113836_zps7ae86bd8.jpg]

[Image: 20141027_113548_zps71f06209.jpg]

[Image: 20141027_113511_zps9e309aea.jpg]

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 01-25-2015, 11:09 AM
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I forgot I had a few extra pics of the OS mug.

[Image: 20141027_145419_zpsf73558dc.jpg]

[Image: 20141027_145352_zps1aeadd4c.jpg]

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 01-25-2015, 11:46 AM
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Nice items!. Shame you dont like the QCS. Its one of my favorite Fougere scents and I agree the balm lasts forever! GLWTS!

Buy with confidence folks. I have dealt with Olschoolsteel several times on another forum. Great guy and a gentleman to deal with.

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 01-25-2015, 12:05 PM
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Thanks bud. I appreciate the kind words. I actually bought it trying to find the brand of a mystery soap I already had, and alas they didnt match.

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 01-25-2015, 01:44 PM
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Good looking Fat Boy- message sent!

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 01-25-2015, 02:34 PM
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Gold Exec sold!

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 01-29-2015, 04:03 PM
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Received the fatboy- Just as you described! Couldn't be happier!

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 01-30-2015, 09:14 AM
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I am glad I didnt over/under hype it. I hope it serves you well.

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 02-09-2015, 01:23 PM
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Just a gentle bump to the top.
Executive, pushbutton, and silver Gem SE are sold.
All soaps, mug and the W&B are still available.

I am a soap geek so if you have something you want to give up for anything in my listing (except for the W&B) feel free to send me a PM. PayPal works too!

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