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I know past threads have listed shaving scenes in the arts. I was just wondering what some iconic personalities would use?
The products must be available today; no lasers for Data on StarTrek but a synthetic brush yes. Known kit, such as a straight
razor for Sweeny Todd or Poirot buying at Trumpers are your option. To start:

Robert Crawley; Earl of Granthom, Downton Abbey

Good morning Bates.
Good Morning m'Lord
Bates holds a custom Simpson, real ivory.
It is loaded with Mitchell's Wool fat, local Yorkshire product ( We owe it to our tenant farmers)
Bates deftly holds a Sheffield straight. You know his time in gaol taught him additional uses for it.
The shave is finished with Penhaligons Blenhiem.

Cora walks in 'Robert! it happened again! We lost all of our money! Someone spent 1,000,000 pounds sterling
at some silly sounding place in California called BULLGOOSE!

Bates quickly covers for his lordship AND gets even. Pardon M'Lord, but Thomas was selling several lorries worth
of shaving kit at last week's farmer's market. 

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 01-26-2015, 04:57 PM
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Bruce Wayne aka The Batman

Bane: Mr. Wayne.
Batman: Bane!
Bane: So, what is it today?
Batman: I think I'll start with a cold shower and a light scrub, followed by a pre-shave oil Alfred made out of Metropolis Virgin Olive Oil.
Bane: Sounds like you've been planning this procedure for sometime, Mr. Wayne
Batman: I have. So bring me my damn WEBER DLC that you've stolen from the Batcave and put down my Truefitt & Hill! It doesn't belong to you!!
Bane: I am the Truefitt of Shadows! And I'm here to fulfill Ra's al Ghul's destiny! Only, I can take that which the Batman uses and use it against him.
Batman: Damn you Bane! I only have that one left.
Bane: Let's not waste the unpleasantries, Mr. Wayne. Just stick to your Kryptonite stick and batseed oils.

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Hahahahaha! Good one Bryan! I wonder if I should call Bruce Wayne to see if he wants his razor back! Biggrin

[Image: wxkt.jpg]

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Exactly! Hahaa, he is the best.

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(01-26-2015, 10:54 PM)C-NoEviL Wrote: Exactly!  Hahaa, he is the best.


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