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We have discussed many times the shaving soap reformulations suffered from many UK made shaving soaps.These reformulations have basically,affected all the UK brands,and Floris was one of them.

So many people have reported about how difficult are the Floris shaving soaps to lather,that they dont have the same quality as the old ones and,in some cases,that dont even make stable lather (the N 89) etc.

I know have the chance to use 3 different Floris Elite shaving soaps,two of them with the same formulation,and one with only palm oil.Each one of these soaps have a different fragrance and also behaves differently when the time to make lather comes,but they all have treated my skin wonderfully.

Lets see how each one of these shaving soaps behaves.For this test I have used the Muhle Silvertip Fibre 21mm shaving brush,which is a killer soap,a truly marvelous shaving brush to make lather with.Also I have palm lathered,so I can "feel" the texture of each lather better and report it with more accuracy.I have also already shaved with each of these shaving soaps,so I already know the results on my skin.

1.Shaving soap on wooden bowl with the following formulation :

[Image: componentes.jpg]

I have used this soap before,so I know how it behaves and how good it is.

[Image: P1240325.JPG?m=1338847753]

The lather of this soap comes out really easily and also its kind of thick.Here is a pic after loading the brush with this soap,and you can see how thick already is (brush merit too) :

[Image: P1240326.JPG?m=1338847710]

And I started to work out the lather,and we see here how it looks like after 30 seconds palm lathering :

[Image: P1240328.JPG?m=1338847717]

And the final result,after a minute and a half creating lather is this :

[Image: P1240330.JPG?m=1338847773]

[Image: P1240329.JPG?m=1338847778]

As you can see,this lather is dense,creamy and slick,maybe the second one slicker of the 3.

Its scent is still there,but is not as strong as the other two Elite shaving soaps,but,of course,this is a soap have been used many times.

As the other 3 shaving soaps,this one provides a great skin care,as good as the Edwin Jagger/Muhle shaving soaps,for example.

You can read more about this particular one,here.

2.Shaving soap refill with the following formulation/ingredients :

[Image: componentes.jpg]

As you can read and see,its the same formulation,ingredient by ingredient,than the first one.However,it doesnt behaves at all like the first one when its time to make lather from it.

This soap was given to Freddy from Floris,after he complained to the company about the bad experience he suffered using the N 89 shaving soap.Floris sent him an Elite shaving soap,instead,and now Im testing it.

The soap comes on a different box than other Floris shaving soaps I have seen and also this puck smells like heavenly glory : it has the strongest scent of the 3 for sure.

[Image: P1240331.JPG?m=1338847769]

Time to make lather with this soap.Here is a pic loading the brush with it :

[Image: P1240332.JPG?m=1338847805]

As you can see,the lather is so frothy,with no thickness or creamy feeling at all!

And it doesnt improves after 30 seconds making lather on the palm of my hand and adding more water :

[Image: P1240333.JPG?m=1338847811]

either after another 30 seconds and more water :

[Image: P1240334.JPG?m=1338847804]

But I keep going and palm lathering with the Muhle silvertip fibres,a brush can make lather from stones,and I do add more water (gosh,this soap is water thirsty for sure!!!) and I can see the results of my effort,after 3 minutes building up the lather :

[Image: P1240335.JPG?m=1338847855]

And this is the final result : a lather with volume,thick,pretty aromatic,slick and well hydrated (have I mention that this soap needs a lot of water?) :

[Image: P1240336.JPG?m=1338847855]

[Image: P1240337.JPG?m=1338847859]

As you can see,we have to really work out that lather,something that many people arent ready for and,Im sure also many disappointment on this soap.Its very true that the lather is so frothy at the beginning that it could be frustrating,but if you work out the lather really well,and add water,the results are there.

The scent of this soap is one of the best I have tried,since smells like the cologne,but fresher,something I really enjoy.Its pretty aromatic and the scent last even after the shave.

Skin Care wise is also very good.

3.Shaving soap refil with the following formulation :

[Image: P1240309.JPG?m=1338668641]

I was kind of disappointed when I got this puck and did read that it was a Palm oil based soap.Some Palm oil based soaps leaves my skin dry after the shave,but it hasn't been the case with this one.

It has a good scent,but not as strong as the previous one.

[Image: P1240338.JPG?m=1338847879]

Loading the brush with this soap is super easy,since the lather comes out pretty quick,and very thick and creamy,like the first soap,or maybe even faster and easier :

[Image: P1240339.JPG?m=1338847881]

And after two minutes making lather on the palm of my hand,here is the result :

[Image: P1240341.JPG?m=1338847886]

[Image: P1240342.JPG?m=1338847898]

This soap didnt need as much water as the second one,but more than the first one.

As you can see,another creamy lather,thick and with a lot of slickness.Its pretty slick,like if I were using a pre shave oil.

And what about skin care wise?The same than the other two formulations,leaving my skin almost with no dryness at all after the shave.

Well,3 different soaps and 2 different formulations,3 different ways to lather them up,3 different kind of slickness and 3 different scents : but they all provides great skin care properties,and I can testify of that,since my skin is very dry.

So patience with soaps when its time to build up lather.Load the brush very well and add water,as much as the soap "tells" you to do.In this way,you will be reward it with good shaves.

And I believe (and I have been proving by them) that Floris are top notch shaving soaps.And I also believe too that using brushes with synthetic fibre,as the new Muhle ones,would help you to make even better lather than with some animal hair brushes,specially with "hard to lather" shaving soaps.

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 06-05-2012, 04:08 AM
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Fantastic review Teiste. All 3 soaps appear to lather admirably!

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 06-05-2012, 10:33 PM
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Thanks for the great review and great pics!
Over 3 minutes working for a decent lather....that's long Smile

Do you think the high price of this soap is justified by the quality? Would you buy this soap again?

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 06-05-2012, 11:06 PM
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(06-05-2012, 10:33 PM)R0B Wrote: Thanks for the great review and great pics!
Over 3 minutes working for a decent lather....that's long Smile

Do you think the high price of this soap is justified by the quality? Would you buy this soap again?

I totally will buy this shaving soap again.One of the best UK made soaps fr my taste.This and the JF.

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 06-08-2012, 02:50 AM
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Teiste, this is an excellent review. While I get better results with the Elite than I ever did with the No. 89, I don't know that I ever took as long as three minutes to build a lather. I have never specifically timed my lather making but three or more minutes does seem excessive to me. I do enjoy my leisurely morning shaves but don't think I would be happy taking that long to make lather on a daily basis. This will become a real special shave day soap when running for a morning bus isn't a problem. Wink

Again, thanks for the excellent review and your always superb photos.

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Another great review, Teiste!

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