02-02-2015, 09:42 AM
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I LOVE the scent of Cella, but for some reason, every time I use the soap off the brick, it get a redness on my cheeks that lasts for days.  If I stop using it, the redness goes away.  

This didn't happen with the Cella in the red tub, further making me think that they really are different.

My loss is your gain...

I'm selling one complete 1kg brick of Cella.  All I did was remove it from the box and shrink wrap it.  I also have a red tub that is about 1/2 full of Cella from another block as well.  You get 1kg+ of Cella!  Included is everything you see in the pic below.  The box won't close with the shrink wrapping on, but the brick still fits in the box when it's open.  The soap is maybe 2 months old at the oldest.


Since shipping will be high on over 2 pounds of soap, I'm asking $30 shipped in the USA for this.

[Image: QKq8Kir.jpg]

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 02-02-2015, 12:37 PM
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the price is not that bad as it is within the USA
1kg of shaving soap. Hm.... Smile kinda awesome

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