02-02-2015, 11:26 PM
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Hello Guys,

I have more RR coming so I am getting ready to trim down the den. Here is the first run of the tallow version of the XXX. This has the very noticeable "Colonia" scent and is strong enough to smell just by opening the lid. About 80% full on the soap. The XXX balm has been used 3 times as well as the XXX splash being used 3 times. Both perform great for the scent to last a bit on you. I will also include as a small freebie a sample size cream which is also based on the ADP Colonia scent but is a bit stronger in scent, just not ADP brand.

These 3 items for $24 paypal. CONUS Please. SOLD

Thanks! Biggrin

[Image: tzNU7XZ.jpg]


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