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Hello all:

As you might have discovered, I am a quite a fan of the "Mé Soaps", a Spanish artisan soap. I have received a few questions on how to lather them or complementing in the fantastic foam it creates. Therefore, i have decided to post a simple tutorial on how to create a wonderful lather, just follow the simple steps explained here and most important thing, practice a few times before you give up; these soaps will not disappoint you. 

The Me Soaps use to come in small containers of 50 grams. These tubs made the task of loading the brush a little bit uncomfortable and inefficient. At a later stage, Elena decided to pack the soap in bigger recipients of 8cm wide which make the brush loading activity a really fun thing to do. 

I have a few tutorials on how to load the brush from a small Me tub, but I discovered that the best way is the following;

1. With a spatula or knive rub a piece of soap, I recommend to be the size of an almond, be generous. Elena (artisan) recommends a piece weighting 1 gram. But what the heck, you have enough soap to stop a freight train, therefore an almond is good. I include a picture for your information

[Image: 1530hp3.jpg]

2. Introduce the piece of soap in your bowl and add a few drops of water, say 10-15 drops. Let the water soften the soap for a minute or two. Then, with your finger dissolve the soap in the water till you get a sort of dirty water. I add a picture for more information

[Image: 34y8t9w.jpg]

3. The brush could be dried, but the recommended way is to wet it first and shake all the water out of it and make sure that only the points of the brush are moisten. Remember that water can ruin a Me Soap so we always start with a little bit of it. Therefore, the brush has to be nearly dried. I include a photo for you to see that only the points of the brush are moist

[Image: 2ih6r0x.jpg]

4. Batter the "dirty mix" with the brush vigorously. You will notice that with this procedure you will produce a larger amount of lather at the beginning, but don't be fooled, there is a still a long way to go to obtain a wonderful lather. Batter till you see the large bubbles are gone and the lather is quite thick. I add a photo for clarification

[Image: qp5w1h.jpg]

5. Add a few drops of water, 5-6 drops. Do not add more. As I said, it is better to add small quantities of water and more often and more quantity of water with less frequency since this last method will certainly ruin your lather or it will make it too thin that it will not satisfy your expectations.

[Image: feg9xi.jpg]

6. Repeat the process of adding 5-6 drops of water and batter fearlessly for a few seconds till you get a large amount of lather, thick, flexible and with a few bubbles which will indicate it is well hydrated. I ass a photo for your info

[Image: 2a8kjk1.jpg]

7. You know you have created a high quality lather when you apply it to your face and see that sticks well and form a think layer of lather covering your entire face. See picture.

[Image: 2co31xu.jpg]

NOTE: I recommend to use mild temperature water, there is no need to use scorching or freezing water.

You can use the same procedure use for small containers, it is the most efficient way. However, for newer bigger containers I like to load the brush directly from the container, it is more fun and the best thing is, it smells fantastic.

1. Add mild water to the soap, in the tub. Let the water soften the soap for a couple of minutes. In the mean time, you can wet the brush and then shake it till only the points are moist. Empty the water from the container, it shouldn't be any water left. Remember, we always start with low quantity of water. I add a picture.

[Image: 1siqh5.jpg]

2. With the moist brush start rubbing the soap, this is, load the brush like there is no tomorrow. As before, I recommend to really load the brush since you will not run out of soap for many many years. You will know that you have enough soap in your brush when the it is completely white, there is some type of lather in the recipient. See the next photo for more details.

[Image: 2qv7dhv.jpg]

3. Add some drops of water to bowl so its walls are a little moist. Again, I emphasize the need to be careful with the water, it case of doubt it is better to add only a few drops til you really get the hang of the water then you can start experimenting. I enclose a picture of the wet bol.

[Image: 21476sx.jpg] 

4. From here, you repeat the previous steps, batter the soap fearlessly till the lather is think, then add just a few drops of water and batter. Normally it takes between 5-7 times adding drops of water till you get the lather you want and desire.

I do not like to lather in the face since my skin is quite sensitive and it will cause a rush. I prefer to lather in a bowl because  you can batter harder, play with the lather, enjoy its great smell, add water at will, regenerate more lather when you are finish and many more good things.

Hopefully I have been able to help you. If you have more questions do not hesitate to let me know.

Cheers from Spain,

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