02-05-2015, 04:52 AM
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Scored this one last night and can't wait to get it. I just hope the knot is good. I have heard reknotting these old pewter brushes is almost impossible. It should match my pewter bowl nicely.

[Image: 378e73b3ddd831e77bc86be857ae5d1c.jpg]
[Image: f37284cd3e93dc0b742dcfc4869fd6f4.jpg]
[Image: c9bd87a7d087169b87b3d760e089bd79.jpg]
[Image: ef05a73723171263a6a8e52b6c60f0b0.jpg]

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 02-05-2015, 10:32 AM
  • pb56
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Congratulations on a great find!

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 02-05-2015, 10:51 AM
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sweet! doesn't seem to be in need for a new knot Wink

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 02-05-2015, 10:52 AM
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(02-05-2015, 10:51 AM)tonsorius Wrote: sweet! doesn' seem to be in need for a new knot Wink

Hoping it doesn't. Have bought some that look great in pictures but shed like crazy in hand.

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 02-07-2015, 09:32 PM
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Well it showed up today. After some #0000 steel wool and a little Maas it's as clean as its going to get. The pictures in the light box make it look much more stained and pitted than it is, it seems to highlight the black areas.

Shampooed the knot and lathered it a few times and it only shed one hair. Very very nice and full vintage knot. Will have to give it a spin tomorrow.

[Image: 9eec72febc13c468e11e5ddc4e5db487.jpg]
[Image: 431f8c677dbf888f42eda3202e3cefa1.jpg]
[Image: 0eb6a23c8649057186f6da4c2da51aea.jpg]
[Image: 0de5791d34cf9d93624d9a229f4d77cd.jpg]

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 02-07-2015, 10:09 PM
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Awesome find, congratulations!

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