02-08-2015, 12:49 PM
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Been working my way through the B/S/T box and have come up with some nice high-end stuff today.

Shipping to CONUS is a flat rate of $6 regardless of the number of items you decide to purchase. Payments via PayPal only.

Thanks for looking!

Simpson Chubby 2 Synthetic -$80 ***SOLD***

This brush has been used less than 5x. I was just never able to get on board with synthetics. 

[Image: 27a8797580ad8bd0a025c938396508e8.jpg]

[Image: 2cf8d23429ff717fb0f62c4f90a22353.jpg]

1946/1947 Aristocrat - $85 ***SOLD***
This razor has the original plating and is in fantastic shape. This razor looks brand new. Please note the 46/47 Aristocrat is considered to be more aggressive than later Aristocrats. The case is in decent shape.

[Image: 80604f7dd8e09902eefcc63625d22efe.jpg]

[Image: 35d3bb60e939b932b6f2a66a2ba3476b.jpg]

[Image: 1094d12c8e329c0dfa47bcdfdd6576ee.jpg]

[Image: 79ac5eb4e293cc3fe12e1f119321392d.jpg]

[Image: 678265d10dea5f5229f9ede7d79dd975.jpg]

[Image: 3982ac1b91c55fdab19e85f3d2c1be96.jpg]

[Image: 5cffd25bd95f458a031d3782bbbbb99a.jpg]

[Image: e96be768606c139ebfa346d65f52fb6b.jpg]

[Image: e144543b92e44512d8c7ab75fe9c2827.jpg]

1955 Gillette Diplomat A-3 in 24kt Gold - $75 ***SOLD***
Original plating on this razor is also in fantastic condition. Basically looks brand new. The case has some yellowing/wear on the inside.

[Image: 73412e38d0df1c6ccf06921d2f90a054.jpg]

[Image: f3260f7c21ba8c8f4030eb60d6669b51.jpg]

[Image: 4bd2bd7e1c970808a68c8c8c35d460aa.jpg]

[Image: 8884446db0292f9d2f453b05fa165b2b.jpg]

[Image: ee154ab40be07c2721ce1e4f89685930.jpg]

[Image: 499787ebfc5e10d3dae6215db0b70755.jpg]

[Image: d8e8a49dbe94ad79c58894d9bc913308.jpg]

[Image: 928be4cc78d6ba698ca5ae0d3fcf4098.jpg]

[Image: 40caae969c3fc51e0027f0d7b4bf8acf.jpg]

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 02-08-2015, 12:55 PM
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great prices!

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 02-08-2015, 01:21 PM
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Simpson CH2 is the only item remaining.  This brush has not been in stock on Simpson's website in quite some time. Brush retails for about $115 when/if it is available. 

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