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I have a bunch of stuff that I'd be willing to trade (plus cash if necessary) for your Tabula Rasa Tangerine Vetiver (would consider other Tabula Rasa, but would really like Tangerine Vetiver if possible)... also looking for the pieces of these Single-Edge razor handles:
[Image: w0VH1Ca.jpg]

[Image: GlZSqph.jpg]

I'm interested in any of these pieces.

I have too much stuff to list, but here's a few of what I have to trade:

Tube of C&E Moroccan Myrhh shave cream used once

Tube of C&E Sandalwood shave cream used once

New tube of DR Harris Arlington shave cream unused

NOS Vintage old tallow formulation of Crabtree & Evelyn Mug Shave Soap (rare item)

NOS pucks of old tallow formulations of Colgate and Williams soaps

Large tin (8 oz?) of Petal Pusher Fancies Black Tea shave soap 95% remaining

Large tin of HTGAM Vanetiver shave soap (used two or three times - 99% full)

Unopened large tube of La Toja shave cream

Tub of Proraso White shave soap used a couple of times

Ever-Ready model 100 red/cream colored brush with TGN Finest knot in excellent condition

Various DE, SE, injector, AutoStrop, other razors (too many to list, please ask)

Personna 74 with at least two blades in it

The sought-after excellent British Wilkinson blades

Various blades ( DE, SE, injector, AutoStrop - again, too many to list, please ask)

Old Spice mugs

Here are pics of some of the stuff I have... I have lots of other blades, vintage and new (Feather, Gillette, etc.) and other stuff.

[Image: PWFxkUF.jpg]

Some of my things aren't as expensive as the TR, so feel free to ask for more than one item, depending on the items, and we'll see if we can make it fair for both of us. Ask if you want other pictures. Thanks!

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