02-12-2015, 03:02 PM
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But I'm just the person to do it.

I won't post a link, but if anyone wants to know what arrived just google "pickled herring in wine sauce 65 ounces" and you should find it. Except I ordered that and the pickled herring in cream sauce as well. It's something or other "Bay" brand out of Wisconsin, Lake Superior waters I assume.

OK, I'm a pickled herringaholic and the local supermarkets feel that they need to stock Maine made pickled herring and frankly it's the pits. At least the one in cream sauce is and that was enough so that I don't feel any need to try the others that they carry of the same brand. So I buy it from Wisconsin. This stuff is good. Previously I bought Skansen brand out of the supermarket and that had my seal of approval as well. But pickled herringaholics will NOT be denied!

Humorous story, at least to me. You'll get older and trust me you'll have these bouts of old age. I had decided it was time to order another load of this so as to dispose of it for the world and I did so. A few days later the wife asks if I want more pickled herring for Valentines Day then tells me to order it. So I go to order it, but check the fresh emails and see that that very day, Shazamm!, an order of pickled herring has shipped. I had forgotten that I ordered it. So I tell her of the even t and she denies responsibility or even the knowledge of how to make it happen. Finally I remember ordering it. The net result is that I have another 130 ounces of pickled herring to dispose of. Poor me. The things I do for this world!

Tomorrow morning I already know that I'm having toasted English muffin with creamed pickled herring. I'm salivating just thinking about what I'll be forced to endure.

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 02-12-2015, 03:48 PM
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   I really like the creamed pickled herring with onions in it! Yum Yum. Also with a fresh loaf of seeded onion rye. Biggrin

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 02-12-2015, 04:58 PM
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I think my wife could eat pickled herring in wine sauce every day, she loves the stuff that much...

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 02-12-2015, 07:59 PM
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Yum. But 130 oz -- wow.

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 02-12-2015, 10:08 PM
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That won't last very long for me. Not knowing Mike or his wife I don't know. For me, I bet it'll be gone in a month or so and the shelf life is longer than that. Like Mikes wife, I'm addicted. Plus it's good for me, but if it wasn't I'd still eat the stuff. OK, and right now the hens aren't laying because of the cold*, so no eggs to speak of so what eggs we get are for other cooking and not breakfast.

* The rooster recently died due to the cold; seriously; despite the Sweeter Heater. What a shame, he was a good rooster.

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