02-16-2015, 03:18 PM
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I am trying to thin things out a bit.  All prices include shipping to the US via PayPal.  Shipping will be USPS with tracking.  Please PM me with any questions and thanks for looking.

(8) Cadet Open Comb razor with plastic case along with a Remei razor with box and plastic case - $15.  Both razors are in good condition.

(1) Shavemac Americana Finest 3-Band Badger Fan with Shavemac Box - $75.  Published specs are a 24mm knot with a 52mm loft.  Incredibly soft brush with a great handle.

SOLD - (2) Semogue 830 - $15.  Published specs are a 22mm knot with a 55mm loft.  The brush has seen very little use but there is wear on the Semogue sticker as shown in the picture.

SOLD  (3) Wilkinson Stick DE Razor with a 5 pack of vintage English Wilkinson Sword blades (not pictured) - $55.  These don't come up very often and this is a nice one IMO.  Great mild shaver.

SOLD  (4) Ikon ShaveCraft #102 Slant with an Ikon SE Handle - $65.  The head has only been used a few times and was purchased directly from Greg.  It is not a blemished version although the finish isn't perfect. 

SOLD  (5) Merkur 39C Sledgehammer Slant with the original box along with a 7 pack of Gillette 7 O'Clock Black blades (not pictured) - $40.  The razor is in excellent condition.

SOLD  (6) Fatip Piccolo Open Comb razor with box - $15.  The Fatip is in very good condition.

SOLD  (7) Merkur 23C Long Handled DE razor along with a Sanguine Coolcut 2 Shavette - $25.  Both the razor and the shavette are in good condition.

Shavemac Americana and Semogue 830

[Image: wNGoglZ.jpg]

[Image: KVuHp3I.jpg]

Wilkinson Sticky, Ikon ShaveCraft #102, and Merkur 39C

[Image: hzj8J03.jpg]

[Image: J88m6VW.jpg]

Fatip Piccolo w/Remei and Merkur 23C w/Sanguine Shavette

[Image: 1LR38K1.jpg]

Cadet Open Comb w/Remei Razor

[Image: 8N7Y08C.jpg]

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 03-13-2015, 07:08 AM
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Friday nudge for the Semogue, Fatip, and Cadet.  I'll combine shipping if a buyer wants more than one.

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