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[Image: dJtxL.jpg]

Plain cardboard box the Weber Razor comes in.

[Image: 6nvVil.jpg] [Image: g4UBbl.jpg]

Weber Razor: DLC head with "Classic" handle and complimentary pack of Astra Superior Platinum blades.
  • A nicely printed box would have been nice, plus I would have liked to have seen the razor inside, packed in some closed cell foam (instead of bubble wrap). Yes it would add a little more to the overall cost (2 to 3 dollars max), but I think those little details are worth doing, especially as we are talking a 100% stainless steel razor here ("high end").
  • Overall the razor has a nice weight to it, though it does feel a bit light in the head area and a tiny bit overally heavy at the very base of the handle.
  • Like the look and feel of the handle, though I do wish it was a bit thicker (more like an iKon handle).
  • Like the look of the matt black head and the DLC feels nice against the skin.
  • I'm sure it is fine, but I would have liked to have seen a slightly longer screw thread piece on the underside of head. The handle itself is tapped out to receive a longer threaded piece...
  • The pack of blades in the box is a nice touch (as they weren't expected).
Follow up:
  • Via email I shared the above and other items directly with Weber Razor.
  • I've received back a very! nice reply...
  • +1 added to "first impression" for customer service.

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 03-04-2012, 04:48 PM
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Thanks for the review, Mike.

I have a Weber razor also, and I find it a little more aggressive than my go-to Edwin Jagger. I am favorably impressed with it, however, and it definitely occupies my Top 5.

I prefer a thick, short handle, so I didn't anticipate that I would like the standard handle on the Weber. Nevertheless, I didn't have any problem adapting to it.

This razor is very limited in the third-party handles that it will accomodate, however, as there are a couple of cross members on the underside of the razor bed that will only allow a handle that is very narrow at the top. I have a shorter, hefty handle from another razor that fits and that I have been using.

- Murray

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 03-04-2012, 05:27 PM
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I have a Weber in rotation and enjoy using it. I too wish the handle was a bit thicker but, the Weber does deliver a fine shave. Like Murray, I find it a touch more aggressive than an EJ but not by much.

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 03-05-2012, 08:44 AM
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Hi Murray and Phil

I agree with both of you on the Weber being slightly more aggressive than the Edwin Jagger DE89... see here.

A little teaser, I was very! lucky to receive a custom made 100% stainless steel handle for zero cost, it fits the Weber and Edwin Jagger perfectly Cool

[Image: r5JoQ.jpg] [Image: Twj32.jpg]

(L to R) Handmade stainless steel handle, Weber Razor handle, Edwin Jagger DE89L handle.

[Image: 31LiE.jpg]

Handmade stainless steel handle with Edwin Jagger DE89L head (Edwin Jagger DE89L handle in background)

[Image: XJynf.jpg]

Handmade stainless steel handle with Weber Razor head (Weber Razor handle in background)

Take care, Mike

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