02-17-2015, 02:30 AM
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First I want to clarify that I do not intend to hurt, I discuss only what my current situation.

I have about 50 emails a day. Also, do contact me through forums or facebook, extending on the response time.
I have to spend at least seven hours a day in the workshop.
I have to talk with suppliers.
I have to take pictures of the brushes.
I have to try new wood, new forms and new finishes.
Also I live alone and I have to do the shopping and food preparation.
And then, if the time off.

I have no real time to respond to every message, I'm doing when I can and can sometimes take several days, try to respond to everyone, but some may remain forgotten, sorry but I can not find a better way to do it myself.

I know I'm behind on deliveries, but it is a handwork (and I think that is one reason why buy my brushes) and takes time and often can not meet the deadline for several reasons:

- Forests forcing discard defective brush and create a new one.
- The drying time of the oil layers varies with the ambient temperature.
- Defective order again and wait for arriving units.
- I make a cut on a finger and can not work for two or three days.
- I get sick.
- Stopped orders knots at customs and takes 15 days to arrive.
- And some other reason you are sure to forget.

I will deliver all the perfect brushes, but that takes time, I just hope some patience on your part.

If someone wants their money is no problem, but you probably have to wait a few days because I spend all the money in stocks and new tools to provide better service.

Thanks for reading.

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 02-17-2015, 02:44 AM
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Thank you for the update, Gustavo.
We wish you the best, regarding your endeavors.

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 02-17-2015, 02:57 AM
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Gustavo, your update is appreciated. I have a L.E. brush ordered that I paid for
quite a while ago.
The brush I ordered was mistakenly sent to another customer. I received a photo of an unfinished handle and was told I would receive a picture of the finished brush soon, this was almost two weeks ago. Now I know why I did not receive the pics.
Today I asked to have my payment refunded and received an email stating that there have been unavoidable delays and that I should wait a few more days to see the brush.
One of my reasons for ordering the LE, besides the great knot and genuine horn, was to support an artisan whose work I admire and enjoy using. Under other circumstance I would be less willing to wait for the situation to resolve, but in this case I will wait and see.
I hope that all the obstacles dissipate and Romera brushes are able to be produced with the high quality we come to expect from Romera and other artisans.
It's not like I don't have several wonderful brushes to enjoy in the meantime. By the way, my Romera chubby is one of my favorites.

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 02-17-2015, 03:09 AM
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thank you for sharing!   Philipp

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 02-17-2015, 05:19 AM
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Thanks for letting us know, Gustavo. I hope you can catch up to your backlog soon.

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 02-17-2015, 08:23 AM
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Growing pains can be killer for a new/young company.  While I'm sure many of your customers will display patience, myself included, you will undoubtedly lose some that want more instant gratification.  For sure, this is a tough situation, but one that you hopefully will be able to pull through.  Once you have gotten yourself caught up take some time to reflect and plan better for the future which will allow you to handle the success easier and better avoid situations that can cost you potential sales. 

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 02-17-2015, 08:28 AM
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Gustavo, thank you for the honest update as these undoubtedly are the challenges of an Artisan whose demand are greater than supply. You do great work and long periods of quiet go by and one would wonder what's happening or if you are ok. I wish you the best as you overcome these challenges and solve the backlog. 

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 02-17-2015, 11:26 AM
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thanks you for your honest update.

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 02-17-2015, 12:32 PM
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I can relate, at least to a significant extent (you're further along than I am, so you face greater challenges). You do beautiful work. Don't let yourself become discouraged.

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 02-17-2015, 12:56 PM
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Thanks for a honest, heart-felt update.  However, you may want to reconsider your business model.  For example, you may consider stop taking orders until you are caught up with present orders.  Also, have you factored in to your production schedule the items mentioned above (sickness/injury, handle and knot resupply issues, a certain amount of replacing customer's brushes, time to answer emails/manage your business, shipping and packing)?  Perhaps you may have to produce less brushes in order to overcome the variables mentioned above.  Your brushes are wonderful and a much sought after item; therefore, in the long run, I believe you will be able to meet your customer's needs while not being under pressure to produce so many brushes under a dead-line you may not be able to control.

Just a thought...I wish you the best.  You are truly blessed with a talent few have.


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 02-17-2015, 02:30 PM
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Animo, Gustavo. 

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