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Looking to trade a Gillette NEW LC with standard BAR handle. Razor is user grade. Razor cap is missing all of the plating as well as some of the handle. All of the teeth are straight. This would be an excellent candidate for replating or can be used as is with no problems. With the plating being gone, it will tarnish a bit in a few weeks (much like a penny). A quick polish and the razor will shine for a few weeks (takes literally 5 minutes if that) . The last pic shows the razor without being polished for 3 weeks.

Looking for

Gillette Fat handle Tech with triangle slots
NDC superspeed
AS splashes
If you have something else in mind, do not hesitate to pm. I don't need a new razor or AS, I just feel the itch to try something new.

If there is a difference in value, I can add a Razorock KOTC Lavender (Argan oil formula) at 80 percent conservatively. Or I have other soaps and creams we can talk about depending on the trade.

[Image: sWvt2sI.jpg]

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