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We received communication from the proprietors of Ardennes Coticule, based in Belgium.
They had a large theft at their establishment yesterday, and wish to share information with us, with the hopes of helping to identify/apprehend the thief.


Hello Everyone,

Ardennes is not a very frequent visitor of forums, so I was hoping that my few
posts which I write could all be positive… but this one is not. :-(

Today we discovered that someone broke in. They forced a backdoor, came in
our stockroom and have stolen all of our large Coticule's and money!

So we would like to ask to keep an eye open and report to us if you happen to
find a deal on the internet that is to good to be true. If you can mail us a
valid lead, we will thank you appropriately!

Francis, our workmen, worked very hard to make these stones and he is very
sad! and also angry and really want to find the guy who did this!

They knew what to steal and where to find it. So we think it's a customer that
visited us yesterday and came back last night. It's a french-speaking small
Belgian men who was on holiday nearby.

The sizes they have stolen are:

250 x 60/ 200 x 75/ 200x 50/ 200 x 40/ 175 x 50/ 175 x 40/ 150 x 40 and a
couple of bout 9

Thank's in advance!


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