02-21-2015, 09:44 AM
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Yet another lets-add-the-cream/soap/foam-directly-into-the-brush brush... this one invented by Mr Aubry F Stepelton back in 1929. Like all of these inventions it consists of a brush with a hole in the base, and a way to press the lather maker media into the brush.
Quote:In accordance with the present invention l the handle of the brush comprises a barrel erably engaged between said annular member and the sleeve of the cartridge and the barrel is preferably provided, at its lower end, with a part or member adapted to form a continuation of the sleeve of said cartridge to form a uniform bore for said piston.
[Image: US1783754-0.png]
 In short it is a lipstick holder mated to a brush. It lacks some of the over the top flair some of the other self lathering shaving brushes have.

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 02-21-2015, 10:58 AM
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Great find! 

It reminds me of the Gillette "Brush Plus System" that they made in the '80's. It came with an Atra and a brush that had soap filled cartridges. You plug the soap cartridge in the bottom and twist the knob (like a deodorant stick) and soap oozes into the brush. 

I have two of those in my collection as I recall my father using it. 

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 02-21-2015, 02:21 PM
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Now, that is something! However, I still prefer the 'old-fashion' way; rub soap on face, then face-lather with brush!  Biggrin

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 02-22-2015, 04:52 AM
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Interesting concept but I prefer the way we do it now.

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