02-21-2015, 05:40 PM
  • Agravic
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  • Pennsylvania, USA
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Antica Barbieria Colla shaving cream
Paladin PK-47
Mongoose B2 : Farnsy Wave handle
Feather Professional Super
Pitralon Swiss AS
Antica Barbieria Colla Apricot Hull ASB
Terre d’Hermès EdP

[Image: aRIzOGW.jpg]

119 19,681
 02-21-2015, 05:48 PM
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Cold River Soap Works SELECT Fougère Moderne
Brad Sears Shave Works STF XL
CRSW Fougère Moderne Aftershave Splash
CRSW Fougère Moderne Aftershave Balm
Houbigant Fougère Royal Eau De Toilette

[Image: TEttfWu.jpg]

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 02-21-2015, 06:14 PM
  • evnpar
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  • Portland, Oregon
User Info
Razor: Filarmonica Doble Temple 14
Strop: Neil Miller 3" Shell Cordovan
Brush: Oscar11 L7 TGN Super 2 Band Finest
Lather + Balm: Al's Shaving Products - Auguri

[Image: 5gceRYF.jpg]

39 6,301
 02-21-2015, 07:40 PM
User Info
[Image: 20150222_SOTDS_zpsgxcdfdb0.jpg]

Brush: Whipped Dog High Mountain 24/48
Pre-Shave: Occams  Origina pre-shave soap
Soap: Stirling Bay Rum (new formula)
Razor:  Above the Tie R1 Kronos
Blade: Gillette Goal (2)
Post-shave: South Australian Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil

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 02-21-2015, 08:05 PM
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planned for Sunday FEB 22, 2015

Tabac stick
Rudy Vey Shavemac Finest
Gillette NEW LC w/ATT Atlas handle w/Feather
Fine Snake Bite aftershave

[Image: mPctICx.jpg]

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 02-21-2015, 09:03 PM
  • Ram57
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  • Boise, ID
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Sunday's Planned SOTD 2/22/15
Razor: Joris Thuja Wood
Blade: PoliSilver (NOS Vintage) (D14)
Brush: Semogue Ash SOC Boar
Bowl: Symmetrical Pottery Shave Bowl
Pre Shave Scrub: SPAtopia Dead Sea Scrub
Pre Shave Oil: Pacific Shaving Iced
Shave Soap: Catie's Bubbles Le Piment de la Vie
Post: Monster Alum Block
AS Soothing Cream: Handmade Soap Co. Soothing Cream
Aftershave: HTGAM Coconut Bay Rum

[Image: iyAYnqf.jpg]

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 02-22-2015, 01:04 AM
  • max1ci6
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  • Ancona, Italy
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22- February-2015

Prep: Hot Water , 3P Pre, Hot Towel
Soap: Mike’s Natural Orange, Cedarwood, & Black Pepper
Brush: Muhle Sintetico L
Razor: Merkur 34C
Blade: Bolzano ‘70
Post : Hot Water , Alum , Cold Water
Aftershave: Una Salvia Balsamo, Unrefined Shea Butter , Jalma AS

[Image: gJ5gXZl.jpg]

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 02-22-2015, 01:44 AM
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7/8 Custom M. Waterhouse, 1/2 Hollow Ground, Square Point
Kanayama No.3 Strop
Morris & Forndran 2xl Blonde
Institut Karite Soap
Italian Floid Blue

[Image: cf2649c9-e078-417c-85ad-18953b95c899_zps18905146.jpg]

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 02-22-2015, 01:59 AM
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Prep-Nivea baby soap/Penaten cream
Razor-Eversharp-Schick Injector Razor type G1
Brush-Hjm badger
Soap/Cream-L'Occitane en provence Cade SC
AS-Floid Genuine (amber) AS
Cream-Aci Badem Kremi Bebak
[Image: 0001466262_m_0_2gzcuz.jpg]

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 02-22-2015, 04:22 AM
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Hi Friends,

today i made a "Sample" shave. Baume.be Shaving cream sample and the Baume.be Aftershave Balm. Both products highly recommended. So, here is my Sunday shave:

Pre: hot towel
Soap: Baume.be Shaving Cream (Sample)
Razor: Rotbart Mond Extra No. 15
Blade: Personna Platinum Chrome "Red Mexicans"
Brush: PAV Brushworks "Chief"
Aftershave: Baume.be Aftershave Balm (Sample)
Post: 100% unrefined Shea Butter

[Image: emwv2n4orx.jpg]

Great shave. Even my skin was very irritated from the stress at work the last days, the shaving cream and the Balm helped my skin to calm down and relax a bit. The scent of the products is very nice. Thick creamy lather and an very moisturizing Balm at the end of the shave. Feels great.

Have a great time, take care and enjoy your shaves.


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 02-22-2015, 04:25 AM
  • Johnny
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  • Wausau, Wisconsin, USA
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SOTD: Sunday - February 22, 2015

Mitchell's Wool Fat Soap
Simpsons P8 TSN LE Brush
Feather AS-D2 Razor
Astra SP Blade
Floid Blue
Village Barber Balm

[Image: PZqSwrp.jpg]

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 02-22-2015, 04:35 AM
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Eskimo Progress
Gillette Silver Blue
Frank Shaving Barber Finest
Cold River Soap Company Vetiver
Nivea Sensitive Balm
Pitrallon Classic After Shave

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 02-22-2015, 04:39 AM
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[Image: 16611306345_c285bc182f_b.jpg]

DRH Saldalwood // Wacker Feinster Hohlschliff // Simpson Chubby 2 Manchurian // Thayers // DRH Sandalwood AS // Pens English Fern EDT

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 02-22-2015, 04:56 AM
  • clint64
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  • Atlanta, GA
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Prep – MR GLO
Razor - Mongoose Satin B2
Blade – Feather Super Pro (1)
Brush – Rubberset 400 with Omega Boar
Lather – Soap Commander Confidence
Post - Witch Hazel and Dove AS Balm

[Image: 717E7B37-5383-4339-8373-352572CB2CAD_zps45k1cz1b.jpg]

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 02-22-2015, 05:14 AM
User Info
Sunday, February 22, 2015

Pre-shave: Proraso Pre-Shave Cream
Razor: ATT Atlas R1
Blade: Polsilver Super Iridium
Brush: Semogue 830 Boar
Soap: Mitchell's Wool Fat
Post Shave: Dickinson's Witch Hazel
ASL: Myrsol Emulsion + Swiss Pitralon splash

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 02-22-2015, 05:19 AM
User Info
Sunday 22 February 2015

[Image: 194115d1424610899-sun-february-22nd-sat-...022015.jpg]

Mastro Livi Damasteel, 7/8 Full Hollow, Livi Point

Super smooth shave! This is the very first straight razor I ordered to Mastro Livi and it certainly is one of the finest in my collection. It is now about two years since I bought this razor and it always served me impeccably. Never honed or even touched up with chromium oxide paste, it still shaves like the first day. To the pleasure of this lovely shave I added a new acquisition: a Voigt & Cop shave brush, a well made brush made in Italy by two artisans and of which I am very happy. Today's shave can be certainly called a genuine and very good shave made in Italy.
  • Pre-Shave: Roberts Distilled Rose Water
  • Soap: Stirling Naked & Smooth
  • Brush: Voigt & Cop - High Mountain White Badger - Maple Burl Handle - 24 mm knot
  • Bowl: Gerby Bowl
  • Strop: Mastro Livi Loom Strop and Hand Palm
  • Razor: Mastro Livi Damasteel, 7/8 Full Hollow, Livi Point
  • Post-Shave: Umbrian Extra Virgin Olive Oil
  • After Shave: RazorGuy Bay Rum

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 02-22-2015, 05:45 AM
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M&F Jade xl2 Finest
Catie's Bubble Fruit Loops
iKon Slant 102 
Stirling Sharp Dressed Man Aftershave Splash
Chanel Platinum Egoiste Fragrance 

[Image: F64F9B5E-1F52-45BF-959B-5997AF7A1B4B_zpslqxqvlbc.jpg]

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 02-22-2015, 06:07 AM
  • German
  • Simpson 2 Band Aficionado
  • USA
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BOTD February 22nd, 2015

Wiborg White Badger "The Barber"
26/50mm knot

[Image: 3FN0zlu.jpg]

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 02-22-2015, 06:34 AM
User Info
Sunday 22nd February

[Image: SOTD22215_zpscb240477.jpg]

Warm shower
Hot towel
CRSW Select Sandalwood scuttle lathered
Finest Badger brush made by myself
Gillette NEW Norfolk Nickel
Personna Lab Blue (2)
Cold rinse
Thayers Superhazel
Boots Freshwood aftershave

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 02-22-2015, 06:41 AM
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[Image: kD4zfHj.jpg]BBs1 razor
Fine AS
SC soap

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