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If you're interested in reading:
  • Weber Razor, my first impressions... go here.
  • Side-by-side comparison of iKon OSS and Weber Razor go here.

[Image: BoFQ0.jpg]

Actual shave, observations and thoughts:
  • I've now had 4 actual shaves using the Weber Razor, 2 with a Dorco ST 301 blade and 2 with a Gillette 7 O'Clock (Blue Pack) blade.
  • All 4 shaves were excellent.
  • I really like the 3⅞ inch long handle, it offered me excellent "light" control and feedback.
  • Grip is very good via the knurling, though I do wish the diameter of the handle was a little thicker (more like the Kon OSS handle).
  • I still stand by
    Quote:The Weber feels to me to have more of its weight in the lower part of the handle, and feels a little bit light in the head department.

    But now I've actually shaved with it, I wouldn't say it's a problem, therefore Weber must have gotten the weight distribution right (see below point).
  • The actual weight and balance of the razor while shaving is very good.
  • While the DLC feels nice against the skin. However during shaving (lathered face), I honestly can't say it offered anything over the Edwin Jagger DE 89L and iKon OSS heads.
  • One thing that was very noticeable to myself (if my memory serves, I've seen others mention the exact same thing), the Weber offered a lot! more audible feedback from the cutting blade over the Edwin Jagger DE89L and iKon OSS ie The audible sound of hair being cut by the blade was very! noticeable.
  • Personally I thought the Weber was a little bit more aggressive than the Edwin Jagger DE89L and iKon OSS, which to me wasn't a bad thing, I preferred its slightly more aggressive feel.
  • All in all, I thought the Weber provided a first class shaving experience.
  • I feel $55 for a 100% stainless steel razor (therefore I classify it as "high end") is a very good price, and would say it's worth very single penny.
  • Personally I think the Edwin Jagger DE89x would make a better first DE razor (being slightly less aggressive). That said, I would highly recommend the Weber to anyone who had the money to spend on a "high end" DE razor.

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