02-28-2015, 12:13 PM
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Hello, I have some items up for sale. This is my first sale post, but I have bought from quite a few folks. Prices do not include shipping, just to keep things simple for potential multi-item purchases. Basically will ship anywhere at cost.

First up, some Barrister & Mann. Bay Rum is 90% full, asking $10.00 SOLD. Winter Spice has been used twice, asking $12.00 SOLD. Vetyver Santal is 95%, asking $16.00 SOLD.

[Image: nxK7zY1.jpg]

Next is Petal Pusher Fancies Sandalwood used once, asking $6.00 SOLD. Wet Shaving Products Rustic Shave Soap, Pumpkin Spice used once asking $5.00, Sandalwood (Old Label) asking $5.00 SOLD

[Image: HKhpqY3.jpg]

Strop Shop Instinct, used once asking $16.00, Hardy Shave Soap unused Sweet Orange Tea Tree and Lavendin asking $10.00 each.

[Image: VfLvOZK.jpg]

Mystic Waters Tea Tree and Blue Gum, unused puck no container asking $9.00, Maestale 85% full, asking $8.00. Buy both and get the Jeff's Lavender for Free.

[Image: 6gMIrND.jpg]

Wax Pass Lather Co, Husquer and Blough 50% remaining asking $7.00, Midnight Yell 90% remaining asking $10.00 SOLD, Grisswold 90% remaining asking $10.00.

[Image: N2WfkAf.jpg]

Tiki Custom Tallow, 8 oz. 95% full. Scent was Vetiver, but it is mostly gone so marked down accordingly. Asking $10.00 SOLD

[Image: syGYlKq.jpg]

Parker 99R, asking $20.00.

[Image: Y9fxzWg.jpg]

1954 Gillette Flair Tip in awesome shape, asking $20.00. SOLD

[Image: Vj3kAoc.jpg]

And finally, an empty Tabac Jar. I can't use Tabac due to sensitivities and this jar needs a good home. Ideally I would love to get an empty AOS bowl in trade, but otherwise asking $8.00. SOLD

[Image: FFSq26q.jpg]

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 02-28-2015, 05:23 PM
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 I will take both Sandlawoods and the Flair (it's my birth year razor)

Let me know Payment details.


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 03-01-2015, 06:42 AM
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Pm sent on the B&M BR, the WSP pumpkin and the Tabac jar.

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