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Up for sale or trade I have a pretty hefty number of soaps and creams. Just for sanity's sake, I'm offering in lots ONLY right now. Prices include shipping to US destinations.

Preference WILL go to those with trades. Items I am currently looking for include:

-Coticules (we'll need to talk about size, characteristics, vein, etc)
-Gel-tipped 2-banders
-Chosera 1k

And the lots. Album of all items here.

Lot 1: St James of London Creams ($25 new each). $60 shipped SOLD
Includes Cedarwood & Clary Sage (used twice), Sandalwood & Bergamot (used twice), and Limes & Black Pepper (unused).

Probably one of the best post-shaves of any cream I've tried, solid scents all around, but unfortunately I get some burning. The Sandalwood & Bergamot is a very close mark for Jermyn St, but way better performance. These are made by the same guys who do Truefitt & Hill creams.

Lot 2: Creams Lot ($15-$20 new each). $35 shipped. SOLD
Includes Crabtree & Evelyn West Indian Limes (90%), Al's Bikini Bottom (used three times), Al's Calypso (about 40% left), and Al's Spice (60% left).

Excellent creams in really awesome scents. I am very partial to Al's but have found my skin to have become wussy baby level and can't handle a lot of spices and oils. The Al's Spice is like a Bay Rum without the Bay... a sort of burnt orange finish to it. The Bikini Bottom is a sharp green and ozone note that I can't even describe. Calypso is Al's Bay Rum and one of the best ones out there.

Lot 3: Jabonman ($25ish each new before shipping from Spain) $45 shipped SOLD
Includes two tubs of JabonMan Citricos, one old formula with coconut oil (about 75%) and one new formula (unused).

JabonMan is one of the two veggie soaps I use, and Citricos is my favorite scent he does. Sort of lemongrassy, sort of citrusy, definite winner, but it gives me the burn unfortunately. Both formulas have lanolin, both perform extremely well. I think new formula gives a more comfortable shave while old formula was better post-shave.

Lot 4: Odds N Ends ($12-$20 new) $25 shipped SOLD
Includes Unobtanium Cold River Soaps Classic Bergamot & Bay (about 85%) and B&M Fireside (lathered twice).

The CRSW is pretty awesome in scent and performance. Unfortunately the proprietor has discontinued this formula which is free from coconut oil and uses lots of good stuff like tallow and shea butter. The scent rocks, but I find I reach for a lot of my other soaps and creams. The B&M doesn't need much description. Bottom line is that the cognac oil is a little too spot-on for a school teacher...

Lot 5: Caties Bubbles ($20 each new) $35 shipped SOLD
Includes Tonsorial Parlour (used three times) and Moustache Mint (used three times).

Both scents are awesome and the performance is great. I find that the Moustache Mint in particular is a nice balance of things with nice cooling, while the Tonsorial Parlour gives you a powdery scent that has some nice musk and citrus notes to give a really full-on effect of "class."

Thanks, and PM me with any questions. Remember, trades take priority.

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