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Hi Everyone,

I recently picked up a Hoffritz Futur and was wondering if anyone has any additional information on this razor. The sparse information that I have found about this razor has me thinking its somewhat rare to others actually believing that it’s a fake. I’ve seen a few pictures of other ones and even a few in their Hoffritz cases, so I’m pretty doubtful that someone would take the time to engrave the Hoffritz logo on a Merkur Futur…if they did, well kudos to them for duping me into paying $30 more than I should have for a used Futur.
I know it’s a relabeled Merkur and believe it was produced and sold around 1984-1986 somewhere in there. I’m speculating that it was at the tale end of the Hoffritz/Merkur relationship given the limited number of them out there. Under the cap it says W.Germany on one side and Solingen on the other.
I asked the person that I purchased it from where she got it and she stated it was her fathers, and speculated that he got it as a gift from a barbershop he used to spend a lot of time in.
I don’t see them as widely collectible or overly valuable given that the three or four that have been sold on e-bay and Etsy haven’t sold for anywhere near toggles, or even Hoffritz Slants for that matter. But either way it’s always cool to add something new and unique to the collection, and since I don’t have a Futur in my collection its win win in my book.
I get the impression that with the Futur that you either love it or hate it from a shave point of view. I’m excited to give it a try.
If anyone has any additional information to provide on this razor I would appreciate it.

[Image: WnuYjf0.jpg]

[Image: Hhd669w.jpg]

[Image: ra0q70W.jpg]
Dis you picked up at eBay? I saw that bidding. Nice Safety Razor.

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OP post was three years ago...mine I just picked up on eBay.

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