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SHIPPING INCLUDED TO CONUS: Purchase multiple items and receive a discount (minus $5 for each additional item)

I am selling off some stuff I am not planning on using anymore, these are the last of the custom DE handles I have, I am going to use the few Gillette Tech handles I have instead (just trying to minimize certain things).

1) Triad Aristocrat Knurl Stainless Steel (12mm x 80mm, 3 knobs total) - $75 SOLD

[Image: 80mm_x_12mm_Aristocrat_95.jpg]

2) Weber Bulldog and Weber Wave - $55 SOLD

[Image: Weber_Bulldog_and_Wave_50.jpg]

3) LASS BBS-1 (#51) - $115 SOLD

[Image: BBS_1_51_110.jpg]

4) Edwin Jagger XL Synthetic (25mm x 56mm) - $65 SOLD

[Image: Edwin_Jagger_XL_Synthetic_25mm_x_56mm_65.jpg]

5) Frank Shaving Pur Tech Synthetic (26mm x 52mm) - $35 SOLD

[Image: Frank_Shaving_Pur_Tech_Synthetic_26mm_x_52mm.jpg]

6) Muhle Synthetic (23mm x 51mm) - $35 SOLD

[Image: Muhle_Synthetic_23mm_x_51mm_35.jpg]

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