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The purge continues for Spring.  This time with a few high end brushes.  All prices include shipping CONUS, and trades will of course take priority.

Trade items I would look for include:

-Chosera 1k

-M&F/Rooney 2-bands

The Brushes


[Image: f3s32dy.jpg]

Thater 4125/1 2-band $130 Reduced to $120

I love some Thaters a ton, but have found I gravitate toward the fan or "dome" shape to knots.  Brush has some of the softest 2-band tips you will ever see.  Black handle, dimensions advertised as 24mm x 52mm

Thater 49125/1 3-band $100 SOLD

Some more Thater unicorn hair.  So soft, but again my preference for non-bulb makes this guy not used much.  Advertised dimensions were 24mm x 52mm

Semogues & WD

Whipped Dog High Mountain Badger $15 SOLD

Very interesting knot.  Pseudo-gel tips, but mixed with non-gel tips for a sort of best-of-both worlds experience of soft and gentle but with backbone and scrub.  As with most WD brushes, it sheds a hair or two on occasion, but the last 4 or 5 times I used it the balding was non-existant.  24mm x 55mm standard loft

Semogue 830 $15 SOLD

[Image: cTpWsiv.jpg]

I went on a Semogue kick a while back.  This guy is fully broken in (as in 100+ wet/dry cycles) just from palm lathers, but I prefer my 1305 handle style.

IB LE 2012 $15 SOLD

[Image: m1AcEWt.jpg]

As above, my Semogue kick and extreme patience with palm lathering didn't pay off for me.  The IB model is much better looking than the 1305 I have, but I just don't use it at all.  Fully broken in as above.

Semogue 2000 $15 SPF

Same story as above, but this knot is frustrating.  Fully broken in but I have found that it has much more of an exfoliation factor than other Semogues.  It's like an Omega snuck into the Semogue factory, had a party one night, and the next day there was a baby Sem-o-mega on the way.

Soaps & Creams

[Image: jVwSBs7.jpg]

[Image: uaAh8i0.jpg]

Includes B&M Tallow Fougeres (both lathered 3-5 times), CF Lavender (lathered twice), and Calani Malabar scent (brand new with tin) $30 SOLD

Tons of good stuff here, but the scents are not for me.  My wife loves the fougeres, but for me they're too strong , while the lavender is nice and soothing but doesn't quite do it for me.  The Calani is a great scent, but I have four others right now so it will be a LOOOONG time before the Malabar gets used.

As always, ask questions, send PMs.  I'll be out for a bit grabbing food and walking dogs but will have mobile.

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Thater 2-band remaining, price reduced.

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